65 degrees, sunny blue skies…. and no snow


How great to be back
How great to be back

Yesterday I drove east from Kingman, hit the Flagstaff start of I-17, then dropped down 89A descending from 7,000′ to 4500′ of Sedona. Spectacular drive down the narrow twisty canyon. I saw 65 degrees on my van thermometer.

Hunger steered me to Sedona Memories which is next door to Dave’s shop, Fat Tire. I bought their turkey sandwhich and took it next door to Dave’s for catchup and connect. He did service my rear Chris King hub. Dave and Craig conversations.

I stopped @ the eye DR and medical DRs and made appointments for next week. Returning customers equals short wait times.

I stopped briefly @ Danny’s for a visit. I kept it short as I needed to get down to Bike and Bean in VOC.

Bike and Bean  is so warm and friendly. I am the most comfortable here. Hand shakes and hugs reconnected each of us. All is right in the world. I am happy to be back. Afternoon stretched into dinner time hanging in the shop. The Zgas were televised @ PJs down the road made my choice. They won. Constantly evolving team make up to account for injuries.

I left well after dark heading for camp spot off Beaverhead. I pulled into the entrance to the spider web of roads to see that the road was gated close. Hmmm. Need to find another spot in the dark. I picked the next dirt road to the north: rutted. I didn’t drive very far in. Ran heater on high, temp dropped to upper 20s.

Chilly morning that the rising sun fixed. I planned on riding out here to learn of possible camp spots. I rode out on the road I was on. It climbed and wound around in the desert, I never hit the end. Great to be riding again, and it was on chunk. I was pleased my my technical prowess and accepted my lack of cardio condition. Oh well, just great to be riding. The other possible camps spots were occupied. Going to be an issue for sleeping.

Back @ BnB the Fri afternoon ride was gathering steam.  Greeted some other friends. I charged up my tires w/ a shot of Stans for flat protection as I ride tubeless. Jan has moved her studio next door, she is a painter and tattooist.  The spot has a shower which will work out great for my rides out of VOC.

I’m at the laundromat.

More beautiful weather is forecasted. No snow in the mountains.

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  1. Howdy,

    Glad to see you out and moving and back in the warm sun!! Hope you will be there in early to mid February. I am playing around down in the big ole city in the Valley of the Sun for a while before that, but I need my Sedona fix for a couple of weeks after that….. Take good care.

    Mike M

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