Cold but clear

temps here in Spokane have been running in low teens every AM yet warms to almost freezing. Thurs, Fri, & Sat I hiked on trails I ride except i added the commute from High Drive to the river on Sat. You can ride 99% single track from what, Hatch rd, all the way to 9 mile, there are literally miles of trails. Years ago I linked Marshall whoops to 9 mile for a 53 mile ride.  Fri I hiked around Camp Sekani on Up River. The trail angels have been busy building all kinds of dirt jumps & berms. It looks like a skate park w/ the quantity and diversity. My riding is cross country and there are many trails to meet my likes, even new ones being built. The Camp  appears to be a mtn bike park w/ some Frisbee golf mixed in. The hiking moves my shoulder thru some motions that help flexibility. Plus I was outside enjoying the early winter sun that sets just about 4PM. Snow on MT Spokane.

Presently many of the exercises & stretches have been geared to restore range on motion in my shoulder. I work hard. My range is increasing, the shoulder is still protecting itself by not relaxing the muscles to allow for deep stretches. The stretches are painful and the pain remains 24X7. No pain script meds.

Yesterday I rode pavement out here plus a little gravel. I added insulated booties and replaced the light long underwear top w/ a thicker one. Sunny & calm. The seat fits my butt. My shoulder hurts no less while riding.

Today is a rest day. I have errands to run. Neighbor Bill and I will set up a bed lift method.

I am marching to a self imposed schedule of leaving next Tues for the San Juan Islands.

Turner is no longer offering the 5 Spot, having been replaced by the 27.5″  Burner. I am riding a relic. Just me and my 26 incher. While I might be obstinate in not switching to the 27.5″ wheel, I am not willing to park w/ savings to be among the new in crowd.

Jerry Jeff sings Life is Good.

I rode!

yesterday was sunny, calm, but just below freezing. i waited allowing the sun to warm what it could. i wore tights, a long underwear top under long sleeve jersey, heavy socks, insulated gloves, a hat, and a wind shirt. i needed more. the puddles were still frozen even in full sun. i pedaled up old bruce in patches of sun that failed to raise a comforting sweat. i rode out on pleasant prairie in full sun but was still chilly. what i wore would have been warm enough if i were pedaling on dirt. this road riding is cold. my shoulder still lacks sufficient range of motion to comfortably keep my hand on the grip. the gravel rd didn’t seem to bother me much as the suspension dampened the jars. i rode 48 mins w/ a smile. i am back on the bike 9 weeks post surgery w/ another 15 weeks for real dirt.

i received another jury summons which i declined.

19 degrees again. the van heater was only on low overnight, van inside temp was 42 and i saw my breath. i turned the heat on high. with full sun on the side of the van and the increased heat it warmed to 52 degrees. pretty chilly bfast.

tomorrow marks the 50th year since Kennedy’s assignation. i was in 9th grade. my mother picked me up from school per usual, only then did i learn of events. the school made no announcement. i was too much into being outside that i did not follow the events. where were you when you heard the news?

i was going to ride today but the forecast calls for below freezing temp, i do have more clothing to wear…. maybe.

my shoulder rehab is progressing. it still hurts 24X7 and awakens me around 2AM then i toss and turn. i am unable to find a pain free position. a new exercise consists of a 3# weight duct taped to a ski pole extended behind my head w/ the left arm while laying on my back. the weight pushes my arm towards the floor. i can almost touch the floor. i do the prescribed exercises 2X per instructions. i both look forward to doing them and  disliking doing them because of the discomfort. this house provides the room to move. i am sticking to the plan. i can almost brush my hair, i can lift my hand to put on the steering wheel and actually help turn the wheel. i am so looking forward to an uninterrupted night of sleep.

zags play wsu cougs tonight, always a good dog and cat fight. bar stool awaits me @ genos.




bike retrieval

so my bike was in the shed hidden by a full size camper keeping it from my view. i think both of us knew where each other was. the gap between the camper and the wall was narrower than my wide bars. i loosened the stem bolts and swung the bar in line w/ wheels and successfully slid it out into the light of day. i pumped up the tires using the floor pump. muscle action worked. next was to reinstall the factory bled formula t1 rear brake. check, made it happen. next was the test to learn if i could put my right hand on the bar. success, i gripped the grip. next was to see if i could ride. success. i pedaled short laps in the driveway. i carved some tight turns each way that tested angulation. success. i do not have performance to say reflexively jerk my hand free to say swat a fly. all in all i was pleased.

later that day i worked thru my pt session. brian measured my range of motion. improvement is a 10% gain each week. i have been exceeding the minimum. several of the exercises test the tendon reattachment which reveal  attachment. there is a junction between the clavicle and the shoulder blade that i have destroyed the bursa (?) such that movement is bone on bone. this might have been the popping i heard. my swimming days are over. brian added 2 # weights to several exercises and stronger stretch bands. he scheduled me 2 weeks hence for 12/2 when he will add exercises to actually move my arm as all exercises so far have been to make my body move the arm. i asked about riding. again he suggests pavement for smooth surface because rough stuff will be hard on the tendon knitting back down.

today is 9 weeks post surgery.

forecast for snow didn’t happen. snow tires are still in the barn.

Fri and Sun I saw 2 different sessions of banff film festival. remarkable filming and stories. The protagonist were all AAA+ goal directed. The antagonist were the physical laws of nature.  What we saw were people at the very top of expertise.  OK to sit back and watch excellence and drive.

Today is too windy to ride the roads, forecast for 17 mph w/ 40 mph gusts. I’ll torture my butt on the exercise bike. Thurs will be 3 weeks out of the sling, I have only not exercised just 2 days. My pants fit around my waist allowing me to button them, having a second hand does help.

Sunday I hiked 3 hours in Riverside on trails that I have ridden. There are trails I can ride w/o concern of falling. There is chunk that I shouldn’t ride.

I am thinking of visiting the San Juan Islands in Dec. Temperate rain forest, wet. I am seeking another place to hunker down during healing. from there I might travel down the coast a ways before i cross the divide into winter.

Received another jury summons for King county.