out of bondage

Yesterday my intrepidation was assuaged during my 6 week post surgery follow up. I learned that the popping I heard / felt was prolly breaking scare tissue. To tear anything would prolly had to happen by falling on my arm. The fact that these pops occurred while in the sling would not have done damage. now begins the next step in rehab: getting range of motion back. I keep my eyes on the prize of riding again I will endure the painful stretching exercises. I was told I could ride again when I can get my hand on the handlebar although no single track. Today I have PT, afterwards I will start riding stationary bike @ health clubs. I do have my road bike and wind trainer @ my neighbors. I am still days away from being able to ride my mountain bike on pavement. Snow is forecast for the weekend here. Yesterday it was 16 degrees @ 6:30AM. I am ready to be back outside.

This weekend I get booted from the pad because the host is having a gaggle of overnight family guests. I don’t know if I will or can return. Because I am out of the sling I can sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor of my van and park back @ my neighbors. I still can’t really cook as the function of my right arm is not up to work.

The shoulder pain is different and in some ways worse than the surgery, at least I am only self medicating. last night I slept flat on the bed, however I couldn’t find a comfortable way to hold my arm. I am sort of typing w/ 2 hands as seen by occasional capital letters.

Boston won the World Series last night in Boston.

Yesterday I met w/ an attorney I used for selling my house whom I used to work with @ boeing. We reviewed property surveys to discover that numerous litigation issues surround this piece I had been looking at. I asked his advise, he said walk away. I am heeding it.

I have my bled Formula T1 brake to put back on my bike. I am able and encouraged to use my arm but only do light work.

My saga now turns to rehabilitation.

I read these books:

Sycamore Row, John Grisham

Blasphemy, Sherman Alexie

Fifty Shades of Grey, E L James

The Racketeer, John Grisham

Ruby Ridge, Jess Walter

The Face of Fear, Dean Koontz

A Time to Kill, John Grisham

Run for your Life, James Patterson

The Jungle, Clive Cussler

Where’d you go Bernadette, Maria Semple

I will sell them all @Aunties downtown for in store credit.



imba announced helena, mt is a new ride center which is quite a distinction. over the years i have ridden their trails including this summer. the riding and hanging is worth several days of riding. you could add muskrat creek for a third day. the brew pub right on a main gulch is a great wind down place.

spent weekend watching football. been doing the elk and gino thing, my social homes.

last night the propane ran out i discovered when i went out to have bfast. change of plans: i was going out to bfast after i bought propane. the frig temp was cold so no food spoilage.

wed is the 6 week surgery followup. may the tendons have grown attached to the bone. thurs is 1st day of pt if allowed.

time moves on, will the healing match?

i find out next wed if so. i am skeptical however. what i did is done, should i get another chance i will make changes.

pat and pat invited me to dinner @ their house tues eve. i know male pat thru the mountaineers and mountain biking. i met the 2 of them several times during our visits to sedona. they are around my age and are retired. pat rode switchgrass in kansas.

grisham’s new book, sycamore row was released tues, a copy is in my hands. follow up to time to kill. racism. i will see 12 years a slave. racism still exists.

i found a patch of land that meets my desires w/ a southern exposure, a view to the sky, 1 1/2 miles of gravel off hard road, some trees, a well, power @ the road, now the haggling over the price. 14 acres divided into 3 pieces, my plan is to own the center piece and sell the other 2 which will suit may budget and assuage my land baron mentality.

don pulled the trailer out of the shed which exposed my bike. yesterday i kicked the tires that are still holding air 5 weeks after last ride.

my search for usgs mapping has found trimble outdoors. it is web based which has + & -. need internet but no lost files.

fall colors have been showing off the golds of the maples contrasted to vivid greens of the conifers. pretty.

friend steve from sun valley is getting after it in his new life on the road. he shares his adventures. he has ridden new trails in moab that i do not know. go moab trail builders.