relish the rain

driving a ford focus which totally amazes me of what is in an affordable sporty ford. the ignition key is for right hand, but my right arm is captured in the recovery sling. i kneel on the seat while reaching over the steering column and poking for the key hole. in my van i just stand between the seats and steer the key home.
i am sitting at a round table in a single wide mfg furnished heated house w/ hot running water and room to move. the temp is set @ 60 to avoid complete bliss. 50 degrees and raining. i am rationing the propane burning time to keep the frig running. the heated house won out. bare foot, my pisgah works jersey draped over my right shoulder. the car is transportation only, when i go out i will be visiting establishments, no just hanging in the van in a parking lot between gigs.

the stitches closing the 4 entry points were removed.i mapped my followup dr visits against a calendar and recovery weeks. the next followup dr is in 7 weeks, 1 week longer than prescribed 6 weeks. i called and scored a followup @ 6 weeks.
i bought deli food dinner @ huckleberrys.
did my wash @ same laundromat, same helpful attendant helped fold my shirts, i buttoned then and she folded.

moving right along reading time to kill. yesterday i stopped @ hastings checking for bike mags. on impulse i sought the movie. on sale for $4. i will watch it after i finish the book.

temp is fall, rain has settled in for days in the forecast, if falls, will reduce the shortage of rain ytd is like 10.5″.

i get out of bed b4 7 mon – fri to catch last rebroadcast of bob edwards in my van. i eat a bowl of healthy cold cereal wetted by soy milk and 2 pieces of toast, a bit of real butter and jam. i made a batch of cold brewed coffee last night 1 handed. i drank a cup of hot brew coffee from the same bag b4 the cold brew. what a difference between the 2 methods. cold is smooth and pleasant a pleasure to savor the sip. hot is like i will drink this because i made it. i added a dose of javacid, heart burn never happened.

college football today, games of interest are like 5 and 7. goodtimes @ argonne has the most and biggest big screen tvs. i don’t connect here, just sip a beer and watch the games: osu followed by the cougs.

rain in forecast. i will start walking when i will dry.

listening to music from ipod connected to jbl speaker docking port. satisfying human connection.

wheels falling off the bus

details are escaping my attention. when i make an appointment or 1 is given to me i enter it in my calendar.fine. yesterday was wed. i looked @ my calendar and saw 2 appointments that i read for thurs then went about consuming time. i was north of town sitting in a parking lot reading grisham. the phone rang. it was kody’s office saying i missed my appointment. i said no, it was thurs. she said it was for wed. i looked, she was correct. i had another meeting @ 5 downtown. i beat feet downtown and made that meeting w/ dennis who is managing my $. fortunately i was rescheduled for today @ kody’s.

for some time i sensed that the van lacked power as in the turbo boost not increasing power going uphill. most times the transmission would down shift to increase the speed. i spoke w/ the dodge dealer here in town. i was told that until the van threw codes as seen as idiot lights they didn’t know where to start. nuts. i called around spokane seeking non dealer shop for repair. i struck out. back to the dealer for an appointment on mon. last night driving up the argonne hill the van was dying, it would not down shift even in spite of increased pedal pressure. i made the hill then coasted down to lindgren where i am staying. there is a short uphill on the road. i pushed the pedal for more speed. no downshift. i noticed that the rpm only went to 3000 tops. not good. shortly i was @ my parking spot. again i pressed the pedal: 3,000 tops and i smelled strange odor. S—. i won’t drive the van as is. something ain’t right. plan now is to rent a car for long weekend then have the van towed to the dealer on mon. i will get a pic w/ the van on a hauler. may the propane last to keep the frige running.

joy: 1 week down 5 to go

last night i worked in an early eve pain pill then another about 10. i stayed up late reading grisham. i told another 1 when i woke up @ 1 then slept till 7. slept 4 or more hours straight. felt good.

this am i attempted to remedy hard / soft ware unhappiness w/ garmin gps & sofdtware. seems that the nat geo topo map for wa is all sold out. fall back is to suck it up and learn to make the garmin maps work, which at this point on my learning curve, suck.

this evening i parked in a yokes parking lot which abuts to a main train line east and west. i counted 125 coal cars in a dedicated train. 2 engines pushing at the back. deadhead back to cold fields.

i paged thru recent issue of cosmo @ the library. women sure put a lot of effort into being a costume.

i set up my computer up on the kitchen table where i can connect to house current. house current is to my electronic devices as the house hot h20 to the dishes. i leave it set up instead to taking it down and taking it back to the van. i brought it in b4 surgery, i could move it back to the van. living back in a furnished house reintroduced to labor saving conveniences and comfort.