Seeking answer to question to you readers

Long time readers have read about my rides. I have ridden the cream of the crop marquee trails throughout the US during this  odyssey. Along the way I rode unknowns locally known, something that is where to take riders to show the goods of your area.  Last year in Arkansas I got passed on to several local groups riding local stashes. Riders encountered are almost always local, they might know the history of the trail which is enlightening to me. I share my stories and lessons learned. Local undiscovered good stuff can be better than the marquee rides even in that area. I have shown you mine, now I am asking you to show me yours.

My question: What is the signature local ride in your area that you really like and ride often? Perhaps I could share my experience riding that trail. Please match your recommendation to my riding skills.



OK, my turn.

For Spokane area I recommend MT Coeur d’Alene for backwoods legacy trail riding. Closer in is Beacon which is a warren of trails offering challenges. Riverside Park is a place to pedal w/ literally miles of trails to wear you out. MT Spokane has big elevation gain w/ fun descents.

All the license plates look like mine

Today i drove from Lost Trail Pass where Lewis and Clark wandered around. Today I kept the wheels on the hard road and beat feet to Spokane and my ortho appointment. I drove my van at legal 75 mph to make the appointment. As it was, I was 30 mins late. I was shuffled in the mix. Bob, the PAC, examined me. His first strength test caused pain. He said MRI which will be scheduled. He said that my pain possibly is the result of my lifestyle and age, it might be what it is. He didn’t say anything about me not eating enough greens. Nice coming back to where I have history.

Afterwards I drove over to the Elk, my local hanging out place, again familiar faces. A pain med script was called in to a pharmacy I have used over time. Tonight I drove rush hour traffic on I-90 to the pharmacy. Beautiful Adeline recalled my name when the script was sent in. Ah… .

So, catch up.

Sat a shuttle was created to take us to the top of the Lionhead ride. Almost everybody had bear spray to be prepared. The only contained that was removed from the holster was the one that fell off Travis’ bike. No bear sighting or sign. The trail was mostly CDT. We rode a new section that was machine cut prolly using a mini excavator. poor construction will not allow h2o to flow off the trail. Before fingers are pointed I need to know what the contract called for. Tragic as the trail will deteriorate over time, our $ spent for what? The trail climbed up on the ridge dividing ID and MT, noodling back and forth. I saw back down to where we were camped on the lake.

we didn't ride there
we didn’t ride there
we rode up here, Tom and Kelly dots left center
we rode up here, Tom and Kelly dots left center

What a viewable ride, 16.18 miles in 2 hrs 29 mins climbing 2570 and dropping 3768′.

Back @ camp a pot luck dinner from scrounged food took place under the cover of my deployed awning as a vicious T-storm hit. Then both the food and the storm abated.

I was the last to leave the campground. The others were bent on returning home. i chose to mosey over some back roads I had never driven instead of the interstate. I stopped in Dillon, MT at the Patagonia outlet. Imagine 40% off already marked down prices. My need was for a pair of long pants and a short sleeve wool long underwear top. I scored both and walked out. Lots of clothes to want but none to need for my small space.

Friday i rode the CDT S from targhee pass to Raeas Pass out and back. Put the hump on it riding almost non stop for 26 miles climbing 3474′. Just a hump that rode well.

I am able to lift my bike on and off my rack on the JOBOX but can’t lift above my head to a car rack. If I don’t horse the bike around in the tech stuff i can keep my eyes open. Hit a rock the wrong way and my eyes go shut.

Going to stay @ my former neighbors off and on as I get passed around to friends places. They have very slow internet speed. I need to be going.


Lions and tigers, oh my

Well, none of those but a black bear did make a hasty exit out of Lonesomehurst XG where I am staying w/ a fluctuating group of old Spokane friends.

Group plan was big ride yesterday up Mile Creek then down Targhee creek. Paul Z., Tom and Kelly, and Mars equipped ourselves w/ bear spray then pedaled up Mile Creek to Targhee peak then down Targhee creek. First part of trail was on CDT which is almost sidewalk smooth. Mountain scenery. Climbed 3857′ topping out @ 10,000′. We did not see anything to discharge our pepper spray on. The descent down targhee creek was not CDT maintained, just horse hoof chewed.

Kelly and Paul Z gearing
Kelly and Paul Z gearing

The climb up Mile creek used a bunch of climbing switchback turns then eased up into alpine area.

Paul Z finishing up
Paul Z climbing in
Paul going away, Targhee over his right shoulder
Paul going away, Targhee over his right shoulder

We broke for scenery enjoyment @ the pass and looking forward to our friend gravity to return us to the shuttle rig:

We dropped off to the right
We dropped off to the right, Yellowstone plateau in the background

Sweet bike was instrumental in getting me up and back down. Gotta love the seat dropper in spite of the added 2 pounds of weight. No weight weenie, just comfort and control.

My senior pass reduces the cost of a campsite by 50%. I am staying 4 days here.

Yesterday after the ride we hung out @ the XG and our campsites are right on the lake shore. We watched cormorants and pelicans and run of the mill Canadian geese live their life on the water. Two days ago a local golden eagle shared himself w/ us.

On the descent yesterday I stuffed my front wheel onto a small rock that pitched me forward that jammed my arm back that connected to the shoulder which brought almost vomiting pain. I was able to lift my hand back onto the handle bar and continue the descent. Pain and loss of range of motion set in after I quit using it. I am looking forward to how my shoulder will be fixed starting this Mon @ 2:00PM back in Spokane.

Today is a recuperation day.

Several days ago I checked my blood pressure and pulse before getting out of bed. Pulse was 43bpm.

West Yellowstone is just a big sprawling tourist trap. Build a national scenic treasure and the tourist shops spring up. Count the T shirt stores. See the overweight people scarfing fried food. The park is not Wi-Fi by their choice. Cool. Kids actually look outside the parents car windows.

I arrived in W Yell on Sunday. I found the XG and reserved a site. I went for a short ride on the CDT heading S from Targhee pass. The trail is heart propelled engines. I saw this which struck me as an indication of trail users:


The fire in Sun Valley is over 100,000 acres which has burned over most of the close in trails. Lightening caused. Man aided by altering nature. I read insurance companies are hiring their own fire engines to protect the insured multimillion $ houses.

Off to shores of Hepgen Lake.