Made Oakridge

I took care of a few things this AM b4 leaving for Oakridge.

My blood test strips were sent Fed X to General delivery, Bend. Fed x doesn’t do general delivery. I told the customer service person to ship USPS and use the general delivery address. 2 days ago I called the Bend PO to learn if the package arrived. Clerk was great. He put down the phone and searched. He came back on and said not here. Earlier in the day I stopped @ same PO to stand in line. There were maybe 11 people ahead. I decided the wait to learn if there was not what I wanted to do. Then I called in the comfort of my home. Yesterday I called again and got another clerk. I asked for info. She said can’t di it over the phone. Come in and show  ID and then they would look.  My plan was to visit the PO this AM b4 heading out. Late yesterday I received a phone call from Fed X asking for a street address because, the don’t do general delivery. The supplier dropped the soap. I drove out to Fed X office which was just a little further than the PO and did not stand in line. I spoke w/ another customer service person and she typed in info into my account. Some of the hiccups of living on the road.

I drove the Cascade Lakes highway instead of rt 97. Lots of snow on the mountains. Telemark turns on Bachelor slope. I remember skiing spring Cascade snow fondly. Last time was like spring of ’89.

I’m here to help @ a trail work project Sat and Sun. Going up to Brewers Union for a pint then head for a camp spot.

I bought Copper River salmon @ Safeway for $6.00/ pound. Cheap.

The LEV seat dropper works well.

This issue of Mountain Bike Action has a feature article about a ride on Gooseberry, Quentin and DJ got press.

Weather making better

Up this AM @ normal just b4 7:00. At 8:30 i have my last PT appointment. I needed 1 hr 15 min to take care of morning activities: I measure h2o into my coffee cup and a measuring cup for oatmeal. The coffee h2o boils and i add it to the cold brew coffee extract for Tods Toddy. Cold brewing leaches less oil and caffeine amounts  compared to hot h2o methods. Then I bring the oatmeal h2o to boil, reduce the heat, put the heat deflector under the pot, whisk in the oatmeal w/ a little salt and a hand full of blueberries. On the other burner I am toasting 2 slices of real bread one side at a time. I butter the toasted side then turn the other side to the flames. The toast is finished b4 the oatmeal that simmers for 10 mins. I slather a jelly on the toast and eat it w/ my coffee. Oatmeal timer is down I stir in diced walnuts and sweeten w/ real maple syrup. Now I am elbows to the table. I scrape the pan clean then pour sink h2o in and scrub off the left over oatmeal then empty the pan outside. I put clean h2o in the pot and put it on the stove to warm for hot dish h2o. I add a small amount of Dawn detergent to the pot. Off the stove goes the pot and I use it as a dish basin to wash dishes. I rinse the dishes in sink h2o then put sink h2o in the pot and put it back on the stove to heat for final rinse. I rinse the dishes out of the same pot and place them on my dish drying rack. Then I dry them off and put them away and clean up the kitchen. Brush my teeth, take my meds, and brush my hair.This takes about 45 mins. Every day.

I left camp @ 8:15 for the drive to Rebound PT which I made the front desk 2 mins early.

Rebound PT is a multi location Bend PT clinic. I had seen the offices as I drove around Bend that’s what I knew about them. I found them thru a search of PT providers from my insurance web site. I saw many PTs al w/ same address. My thinking was lots of PTs @ same location equaled open time. I stumbled onto a first rate clinic that aggressively and completely treats the body’s physical issue. I was cupped again which leaves these maybe 3″ dia sucker marks on my skin. The cupping affects the deeper muscle, when loosened muscles slide over each other. The clicking I hear is from the rigid muscles sliding against each other. I was given more at home exercises. Wow.

Afterwards I drove out to Phils w/ intention of an easy ride. early in the ride my head was against it. As I warmed up maybe my brain gave in and pushed my body to completion. I rode Grand Slam that has some basalt chunk on it. I climbed to upper end of Phils then dropped down to pick up Whoops, a bike park trail w/ big berms, tables, small gaps. I actually got into it a little bit albeit a slower speed that minimizes the amount of air under my tires. 22 miles, 2 hrs 38 mins and 2207′. Hardly an easy ride.


Phils TH is just outside of city limits on USFS land. Big trail system w/ lots of loops to put together. Lots of riders ride here filling the TH parking lot and trails. It’s a good thing. I like Bend.

Afterwards a short drive towards town stops @ Snap for a shower. I drive a little further to town and catch 10 Barrels for a beer. Afterwards it is several lateral blocks to Newport Market for groceries then dive back out to camp spot beyond Phils. That is a normal ride day here.

Did my wash this AM after PT then drove into town to the library to copy the internet ride info on Castle Rock O’Leary trail over @ McKenzie Bridge that I will ride after Oakridge.

Tomorrow I drive back down to Oakridge for several days. This weekend is a trail work project that I will help on.

The weather forecasts called for precip that never fell per the forecast. What did barely wetted the dry trails. If you got first tracks the tread was super, almost the same as first ski tracks. Phils is mostly about pedaling w/ little chunk. Literally miles of trails carving thru machine cut P’pine forests. Very open because of timber management. Up higher deep forest. To me just a great place to ride. I yield to all uphill pedalers and almost every other on the level. I stand my trail when climbing, sometimes yielding to the unknowing down hill rider.

Friend Terry from Spokane told me about 10 Barrels for craft beer several years ago. I checked it out then it became my go to beer place. Over the years I have sen the same bar tenders as they me. They all call me by name and I the same. I linger over one beer then bid adieu.

Wed was a rest day.



Yesterday was the end of the 3 day  weekend for the masses causing just about all the campers to flee back home. My spot is out of the way which will now be even less competition for it.

I read the NOAA weather forecasts on line on my Android the night b4 and early the next AM to evaluate what ride I will be willing to commit to. Yesterday it was 100% showers, some happened. Today was for showers again that didn’t happen. Observing that forecast seems to call for rain that doesn’t fall. Today I commit to a big ride taking me way away from dry comfort of van. My plan today is to ride from Phils over to Mrazek ridge climbing to Farewell Spring trail dropping down to Tumalo creek trail. Today I am considering riding Skyliner up to Phils for the descent. I always carry a rain coat, a wool long underwear top, and knee warmers. If conditions went south i could stay sort of warm.

The lower end of Mrazek ridge gets a lot of dog walkers. Today I approached a woman from the back. Her dog was off leash (violation), she was walking in the center of the trail. I started hailing her 100′ or so behind. No response. I called again @ 50. No response. Again @ 25, nothing. Finally I rode behind here for a short distance. Her dog was confused. Still no response. Finally she came to to realize that I was behind her. She said something like Sorry. I muttered loudly that she was a danger on the trail. She jumped right to the proposition to Kiss My Ass. I said i would but pedaled by her. She solicited a sexual act but didn’t mention a price. Could have citizens’ arrest for prostitution. Trail users w/ ear buds in and volume high can not hear and create a hazard for others.

Zip down Farewell trail, zip zip. Seat dropper working. I entered the trail piece that we cut the brush out of: noticeable difference. Today I added riding Skyliner climbing up to Phils instead of the previous route of riding Skyliner  road down until I jumped on Bens. Ride today was 39 miles in just under 5 hours climbing 4102′. All the trees were cut out.

A shower @ Snap, a beer @ 10 Barrels, groceries @ Newport Market then back out to camp spot.

I still have suction cup marks on my torso.