Remember me but let me go

My dad was well respected and admired by his peers. Maybe I knew the product but not the ingredients. Wed was calling @ funeral home. My 3 sisters; Karen, his widow, and her brother; and her 4 kids. Many were friends of my parents when I was around. People I hadn’t seen for 30, 40 years. So long standing my knees started hurting causing me to sit. Nice things were said. Sisters Lynn and Lise put together pictures on CD that was played. And snapshots were posted. Quite something to see him as a young man. Same could be said of me as I now have a small senior HS pic of me. I say I look the same now. Remember me but let me go. Goodbye Dad.

I have another sinus infection as diagnosed by an NP. I am on antibiotics and steroids. Not sleeping so I have sleeping med. I am feeling better.

Thurs was the funeral. He will be cremated and the ashes returned for later disposition. It was held in a small rural church presided over by a minister Dad had worked w/ over the years. 2 of his friends spoke. Dad chose readings to be read. Jimmy, his grandson, read “Credenda”. My dad found it when he was cleaning up his father’s work desk after his death. My dad put it up on the wall. At my high school graduation he gave it to me. I treasured it. I paid an  artist to calligraphy  it for me to hang in my van and return the original to Dad for him to give to his grandson. The Credenda continues into the 4th generation. Karen hosted the widow’s party at her house. He is no longer there.

I am staying in sister Lynn’s driveway.

Today I made a break away to ride Mohican. So cool as the leaves have all fallen and sight line is long distance. Enough riders have ridden the trail that crushed the leaves over the tread identifying the trails’ course. Different kind of marking than the paint stripes on the slick rock on Moab’s trail. I have ridden this trail 7 times. 23.54 miles climbing 3353′ taking 3 hours of pedaling.  Trail looked like this:

What I saw.
Seasonal creek in my dad’s woods.Similar to Mohican

Mohican is outside Loudonville. Trail is hand built and for the most part is flowy. There are roots to roll over. It’s a good trail.

Thru Google i found a laundromat in Loudonville then used it. I bought a pair of pants and a shirt for the funeral that will be squeezed into an over stuffed street clothes  drawer , because they are dressier than my normal garb maybe I should sequester them. I wore my Value Village herringbone wool jacket. I just about started wearing the coat like a jacket.

Yesterday I touristed my former home town that I left @ 17. It has changed, the different malls destroyed downtown like many towns. Mansfield is 198 years old. Rust belt victim that used to have Westinghouse, Empire Steel, Tappan, National seating, Ohio Brass, and others. The town was large and prosperous. But times changed leaving what is today. I visited Coney Island which is an old soda fountain lunch counter joint. Looked @ old pics displayed. Mansfield has a Carnegie Library I learned from a  listing of all of his libraries. Mansfield’s library has been expanded over time that eliminated the Carnegie over the threshold.

Rode pretty hard today stopping briefly 2X. Soon sleeping pill after drinking alcohol, might lead to sleep walking. If so, I can’t go far unless I am able to open the door.

I plan on leaving this Mon. I will be going SE first KY to pick up 2 rides. This line puts Syllamo in its sights. A swing over to Bentonville maybe. Might catch Gallup and Aztec, maybe Phil’s in Cortez. Next big stop will be Hurricane. Weather and trail conditions will affect decisions. Weather here has been pleasant w/ a toothless bite to the air.


Thank you all for your condolences.

I am back in Ohio for the funeral etc.

I plan on riding Mohican. What a part of the country after the leaves have fallen and the forest opens up.

I haven’t made ride plans back to the desert.

From Moab to Ohio

Sunday was another below freezing start @ Willow Springs.

Charlie called to tell of their day’s plan. I left to drive to N end of Klondike trails for a solo ride then meet them for the night somewhere out there.

I rode EKG out, nasty trail, 1,100′ climbing in 5 miles on elevation that is about 100′ lower at one end. Just nibbled ups and downs connecting 1 patch of slick rock to another. Made trail is on the dirt between patches. Encountered several riders. Great trail system. Frequently  ridden which is security for possible help.

Baby Steps

Back @ the TH there was a message on my phone. My sister Lynn called saying that our Dad had just died. His health just went into the toilet very quickly. When you go make it quick. He did a good job.

I left a voice mail for C & T and headed out. i ran into them on the road and shared the news. Bummer to leave them on that news.

1,500 miles to Mansfield, OH.  I-70. Switchgrass Trail is 6 miles off the interstate.

Last night I drove till midnight. Today I started @ 8:30 and quit @ 10:30  somewhere between Kansas City, MO and Columbia, MO. The 2 Kansas Cities created a pretzel to follow I-70. I am glad I drove thru about 9 Central.

I detoured for a short hurried ride on Switchgrass. Park attendant said that trail has just been named an EPIC. Last time my ride was 16 miles. Today claimed distance can be 22 miles. New trails exist and reroutes for sustainability have increased the pleasure factor.  Hardly a tech problem Several are right along a cliff face that ends either in the lake or beach sand. Did a nice job, well worth stopping for a ride.

So tomorrow completes the drive. For the next bunch of days I will be wrapped up in the funeral. Mohican SF is close by for a break away. I might stay for a week and then head back to the SW.

Switchgrass slalom around quarried fence posts
Shoreline. Very large man made lake

My sleep spots have been dirt bag just off the interstate on gravel. I have been away from the idling big rigs.

Off to bed.