Stress tests

Thurs I headed down to Cottonwood to RV shop for h20 system fix then over to hospital for stress test.

RV shop turned to to reinstall the accumulator. I turned on the outside spigot and collected in a clear glass some out flow. It was ichy from the junk in the tank. I clogged the in line strainer and the filter going to the sink. More chores to accomplish.

Next was the hospital. I will say this about their very good customer service.  My wait time was next to nothing and the care given was top notch. A nurse found a good vein on my left arm, she said she has been doing this for 30 years. Good stick. Next was injection of a radio active isotope that the heart picked up that was captured by special camera. The nurse who attached the adhesive sensors to my chest trimmed the hair before sticking the attach points. A DR monitored the EKG while I was on the tread mill. The goal was 135 BPM and 7 mins, my heart exceeded the target and i briskly walked the tread mill for 9 mins. I passed the EKG part w/ no issues. Next was another dye injection and the after pics. The results were sent to a radiologist to read then communicate to my primary care giver. The real prof of the pudding is the artery pics as it is possible that blockage could exist in spite of EKG data. No restraints of exercise were placed on me. I have a DR appointment on Mon.

I drove back to Sedona to the Cultural park for a bike ride. I rode Last Frontier, western civ, Cockscomb, Rupp, and climbed out of Dry Creek on Girdner.  Dry Creek never ran after recent snow melt. Temp was in upper 70s that baked me. I have been riding very little lately and the ride killed me. I walked a bunch.

Stopped @ SNAP for a shower where I later found out I left my towel behind. Did laundry. I walked back to SNAP and reclaimed my towel.

Mel, his wife, and daughter from Spokane were in town. We went to dinner @ Thai place here in VOC. Great to visit w/ past history of mine. I missed attending an IMBA meeting.

Drove out to Beaverhead where same party is camping in my preferred spot. I am off prednisone and sleeping pill yet I am still getting only 5 hours of sleep. Not good for recovery.

Today I attended the IMBA session working w/ land managers. I met the trail care crew Jake and Jenny. Lots of USFS people in attendance. Real agenda was how to curtail the illegal trail  building. The FS has been great in adopting selected illegally built trails but they are having heart burn over the sprouting new trails. How to reign in the perps was discussed. Central result was a strategic planning session to plan for mtn bike trails. USFS will need to man up to support. If the FS can get ahead of the user community for trails the illegal building would slow down. They need to hang a few select individuals by their nut sack to stop illegal trails. Meting lasted for 3 hours.

I disassembled the in line strainer on my h2o system and cleaned the gunk out. I ran h2o thru the non filtered outlet which still shows crud. The sink filter is clogged and needs replacing.

The head ache that started yesterday continued into today leading me to believe it is the precursor to a cold. I didn’t feel well enough to do the shop ride this afternoon.

Tomorrow is the trail building school.

Getting up into the 70s, dry heat conditioning for the high heat and humidity of the east later this spring and summer.

New Bike mag issue out. Feature articles were on riding outside the US. I have a big bone w/ that in that America has so much to offer that we should support w/ our $, not an off shore country.

4 sticks

Last night was 2nd night off sleeping pills. Managed to sleep yet was finally awakened about 4 w/ the same fluttering in my chest going on since friday a week ago. Shit. Possible artery and or heart problem. I laid in bed freaking out considering how i will deal w/ this. The location is the hospital in Cottonwood. Do I really need to go? When? No classic heart attack signs but something has been really wrong and getting stronger. OK, go now b4 day crowd gets there, maybe a lull in treatment. I drove down and parked in the patient parking area. i prepared a sustaining pack and put my bike inside the van as I expected to be admitted. Checked in right away where I was ushered into an exam bed and the attention of 2 nurses that wired me up for an EKG. the DR walked in, we remembered each other as he was on duty last year and saw me for my blood clot. Familiar face. EKG was fine, HR was running in  upper 70s, BP dropped down to 119/82, O2 saturation 98%. First vein in left arm for IV needle proved to be a dry hole as the vein valve closed off. Next stick was success in right arm. Blood work came back right on the money. DR told me that i lacked any of the 9 heart attack symptoms. He said the elevated CRP can mean inflation from sources other than the heart. He would not order blood test for CRP or cholesterol saying that is my primary care DR responsibility for which I have an order for blood work for the above items for today. Sufficient blood had been taken. No cause of palpation in my side. perhaps it is the prednisone of which today is the last day taking it. May my adrenals turn back on.

Discharged I drove back to VOC to the med lab for another blood draw. Today the phlebotomyst stuck the left vein again like she did 2 weeks prior. Dry hole again. Squirm as she poked around a bit then withdrew. Again the right arm flowed blood. Crazy thing is the blood is drawn here then sent to same hospital in Cottonwood for analysis. Awaiting results.

Tomorrow is the heart stress test.

Hung @ BnB for awhile. Told not to ride till after test.

Bought Dave Berry’s fiction Big Trouble from Well Red Coyote for something light fast reading book. Drove back to Deer Pass camp then spent the afternoon reading entire book. Funny, absurd, and fast reading. Fluff but enjoyable. I give back my read books to store.

Tonight sitting here @ campspot w/ door open enjoying a gentle breeze and not mosquitoes so far.

Today I stopped @ a water store that sells filtered h2o for 0.40 per gallon, .05 goes to local charity. I checked out the store and listened to benefits that are better than the Glacier h2o vending machines. OK, maybe. I bought gallons of h20. I was allowed to use their bottle cleaning station because I bought their h2o. I cleaned out my 2 gal drinking jug, first cleaning since I bought it last fall in Bend, OR. I suspected slime growing on the inner walls. I cleaned out my drinking jug.The h2o has a better taste than Glacier. Which would win a blind taste test? The store had h2o tank purifying product that I decided to buy as the van tank has never been cleaned. I poured the correct amount down the refill pipe then topped off the tank to full. I opened the non filtered outlet into a clean glass. The outflow was just icky  w/ ick. I will flush the tank. The in line filter is doing its function so the h2o comes out clear from the sink faucet. I just wonder if my slimy jugs haven’t had an affect on me. Tomorrow first thing the accumulator gets plumbed back in line which will decrease the back pressure allowing the pump to not shut off and on.

No harm, just ooomph

“What would become of us if everything that happens out there were quite clear to us?” From All quiet on the western front that I finished in 2 days. Horrors of WWl.

Monday I felt too bad to join Aaron & Ruth @ black canyon. I hung @ VOC. Late in afternoon I did some diaphragm breathing which made made me feel way better, i could have ridden, but I didn’t. I hung in the parking lot S of Bnb. Several people visited, including Dick & Cheryl who have road adventures.

Rented a movie then drove out to Beaverhead. My preferred spot was occupied as is tonight. White popup type trailer stands out very plainly seen from long ways downhill. My green van doesn’t shout out see me but the horizontal lines break up the juniper back drop.

Drove down to DR’s office in same parking lot where I park planning on getting a blood draw for cholesterol after fasting since dinner b4. Office opened @ 1:00. Shit. Made appointment for stress test Thurs AM after the RV repair shop reinstalls the accumulator in the plumbing line.

Mosquitoes @ Beaverhead.

Today I drove back to parking lot and geared up for a quick solo ride. I needed to know my heart strength and quality. I rode up Shades, made the high point then savored the down hill to templeton sharing it w/ several large groups of hikers. Rode down the wash to easy breezy wash up to connector to shades then back to BnB. Heart rate was high but no pounding in my chest.

Drove back to west sedona for a shower then to Jason’s house for a lesson in nutrition. Information exchange lasted 1 1/2 hours. he joined me @ New Frontiers to shop for his recommended items. $126 there and another $56 @ the other health food shop. Tomorrow after my blood draw I will ingest Fluvic acid and MSM to detox, and mushrooms tea to clear my lungs. I am committed to this natural regime w/ expectation that this natural path will cure.

Out to Beaverhead again. Nice night w/ side door open w/ mosquitoes accepting the invitation.

last night was first night w/o Ambien. I awoke about 4AM w/ a tripping start, where was I? Couldn’t fall back to sleep. I am doing situps on my bed b4 bfast. Able to do 20 pushups.

Tomorrow I plan on a longer ride out on dry Creek.