Fast times in Sedona

The mtn biker Sedona life style moves pretty fast for me. What w/ riding, hanging @ Bike and Bean drinking beer and maybe shots of Tequila, telling stories, & goofing. Eating is pushed aside.

Yesterday I rolled into BnB for a shop ride. Globbed onto a bunch of riders lead by Danny and Lars. My fork suffered adversely from its bushings repair such that I won’t ride it until fixed here @ BnB. We finished the ride @ BnB recuperating w/ on tap beer. I don’t remember if I had a shot of Tequila but I do remember th e one at dinner hours later @ Pizzapicaso. Danny invited me over for a shower and a sleep spot that I accepted. I am enjoying Danny more this time.

Today I had a list of tasks then knocked them out. I know where to have my windshield replaced, a chiro and DR appointments. I made arrangements to have my drawers repaired. I dropped my bike off @ BnB for early morning repair by Scott whom I trust as a wrench.

I am parked in a small mostly vacant strip mall writing this b4 I join the after ride celebrations.

Time is such a wonderful asset and it is all mine to enjoy and part w/ on my terms. Doing what I want since 2008 has a nice ring. Life experiences wiser.

Dinner will be where tonight? Riders are returning from their ride, they will be sweaty and thirsty, I will only be the latter.

Ah, red Sedona

Hit the road to Sedona on Friday. Drove thru Hildale and Colorado City, home of FLDS, on the hwy.

All day leisurely drive to Sedona. Flag had about 6″ of snow. Stopped @ Fry’s big grocery store to but a bottle of Tequila to buy my way into Bike & Bean. Rolled in while sun still up. Welcome home, Tony, Gonzo, Chewy, Jimmy, Scotty, and Danny. Thing about BnB is after a ride the tap is open and there is usually tequila shots to go along. Jimmy really likes riders to hang around the shop after a ride. The shop is the meeting place. The best after ride place so far has been McAfee @ Bill’s place. Great to be back among people that I have spent so much time with.

I bid adieu well after dark and drove out to Beaverhead Flats camp spot where I have spent many nights. During the dark a VW vanagon parked nearby.

Sat AM I headed back up canyon to Sedona proper to meet Danny for his standing 8:00 AM B-fast @ Wildflower. Lots of catching up and telling stories. I stayed in Danny’s side yard last spring while my broken collar bone healed. Met Rhama.

After b-fast I walked up to Flat Tire to see Dave but his shop was closed. Drove out to West Sedona to check out the new Over the Edge Sports shop that took over Mountain Bike Heaven’s location, Rhama’s former shop. Nicely remodeled. Introduced myself to Jason one of the owners. I was in the shop maybe 10 mins. I turned around and there was Mike, the USFS law enforcement officer that I meet at least once a visit. We talked about trails, advocacy, Rainbow People festival, and my camping on USFS land. I need to do more city camping this trip to comply w/ the 14 days in a 28 day period in the whole Coconino NF which happens to be the largest forest in the US. Talked about Stinky Doug and his trail building antics. Mike has an apb out for him.

I drove back down to BnB for a ride. Beautiful day. I was escorted by Cody, a college student local on NAU cycling team. Cody rode a hard tail single speed and could ride faster and more tech than I could and able. Freeze thaw mud created muddy slippery spots. Darn, I had problems w/ almost all the same old tech spots. I rode one or 2 that I previously walked. I still hike a biked the same stuff. So far what I learned while away is being bested by the same ol same ol and my lack of commitment. The sand tread just sucks out my energy causing me to huff and puff and struggle on the climbs which are like punches to the gut, none are more than 20′ but they just keep coming. Extreme shortness of breath.

Jimmy invited me over to his house for drinks and dinner to join next door neighbor Simon who is from South Africa, and Zack and Sara. My tequila bottle found its way to his kitchen counter. Jan fixed dinner. Mtn biker adult party. Just fun.

I parked across the street in a driveway of an absent owner next door to Simon’s mom who is away. I didn’t turn on the heat before driving across the street for sleeping and the inside was 45 degrees. I turned on the heat. It was almost too cold to go to bed. The heater took the chill off sufficiently for me to disrobe and crawl under the cold covers.

Christmas morn I called my dad back in Ohio to share the day. 86 years old. Called 2 of my younger sisters. Jan fed us b-fast. Jimmy left to open the shop. I made my way up there later. Jimmy lives about 5 blocks away from the shop. What a commute.

Rhama had a People’s bike shop ride @ 11:30 and Jimmy had one @ 2:00. I chose Jimmy’s. As riders arrived I deduced I was below their ability so i headed out on my own riding yesterday’s route. Today i sessioned some missed spots to some partial success. There are still patches of frozen ground even thought eh temp is above freezing.

Cathedral from Templeton trail
downstream piece of sleezy breezy wash

Hot Tomato girls photographer Anne and Jen are visiting for 2 weeks. I rode around a corner and almost ran into Anne taking pics of Jan.

My eyes still hurt and my headache remains which affect the quality of my life. I will make an appointment w/ DR in Oak Creek that is managing my coumadin.

Marty from the IMBA mtn bike patrol rolled into the shop. Yesterday he fell onto an agave lodging 4 tips into his back side. He admitted himself to the ER for them to be dug out surgically. Marty was featured in a recent IMBA newsletter.

Catch the forecast: Daytime temps in low 60s, sunshine, and night temps just above freezing. Great desert weather.

Drove back out to Beaverhead.

So long Hurricane, welcome Sedona

On my odyssey I have been gifted w/ friendships that I cherish. I Leave here w/ deeper friendships and new friends and acquaintances. I chose 12/23 to leave for Sedona, that’s tomorrow. I enjoy the life that allows me to visit w/ distant friends and make new ones. Hurricane w/ Quentin & DeaJ that own Over the Edge Sports bike shop w/ their dog, Eddie, and cats Whylie(sp). George, and Squeak. And Dyno Dan. I bid them adieu until next time. Tomorrow I will be reconnecting w/ friends and buds in Sedona in a different town, different state, different slick rock riding. Sorrow and anticipation.

Yesterday the chiro worked on my SI and  adjusted so many vertebrae that ear protection might have been recommended. He  said that I would benefit from his treatment if I didn’t ride. Beautiful day for riding, however i followed treatment. And I do feel better.

Last shower @ the rec center. Ken works at the desk that I see sometimes. He is a canyoneering outdoors person. I asked him about condors that are @ Zion NP that he has seen. He was creative in charging me $1.00 for a track pass for a shower down from starting $3.

Hurricane, like Sedona, is familiar territory where i have discovered sustaining lifestyle services. Comfort.

Last night I camped again @ JEM. Weather forecast called for high winds. I walked in the desert under Gooseberry til after sunset. My van started rocking @ 5:29 when strong winds blew in. Wind rocked the van all night into bfast time. This AM I am to drop my bike off first thing @ OTE to replace the bushings in my fork then do my wash. Wind blew too strongly for me to want to go for a ride on my last day. I met Big Al; it took until today for our schedules  to put us in the same place @ the same time. New bushings in the fork that Rockshox paid for and the wiggle taken out of my rear wheel. Dan’s present paid for a chunk of the labor. I hung in the shop visiting and affectionating Q & D’s pets and picking up the shed hair.

Quentin and I went to dinner. He invited me to his house where we enjoyed the Laphroig cask condtion sample that I had been saving for him some 6 weeks. He shared an 18 year old Glenmorangie. Time came to leave. I drove back to JEM TH one last time.

Snow is forecast for Sedona. Tomorrow’s forecast portends clear roads for the 1 day drive. I head to Sedona out the windshield w/ Hurricane in the rear view mirror.