East of the Columbia

The river that keeps the wet side slugs from spreading eastward. Also, dead dry but enough rain falls for dry land wheat farming. I am camped on a primitive non maintained road off US2. The road is more like a track between fields which have been plowed . The equipment churned up the dirt to talc. I stirred up quite a dust storm. I pulled off the “road” onto a harvested wheat field. Here’s to hopes that the farmer will be someplace else to allow me to drive the dust storm out to the hard road.

Spent last night @ Sand Hill where I previously stayed while riding Mission creek area. 15 degree temp difference from hot Cashmere to the camp spot. Wasn’t there long b4 2 guys pulled & camped over by the creek. It turned out to be the same 2 guys from Spokane that I met last time I was here. We chatted over a beer.

Warm night again. August 24, fall should be settling in. I have heard only about the heavy snowfall and late spring, some places the snow will not melt out b4 this year’s snow. Mad Lake basin above Fish Lake is still seasonally closed because of wetness.

I rode from Sand Creek TH up Red Hill and down to short section of Devil’s gulch then returning on Red Devil. I did this ride 2 weeks ago. Shorter ride but still 2,000′ some feet of climbing. All by myself. Temp in upper 70s. Dirt bikes have really tamed the trails removing any tech features replacing them with the whoops they create. It sucks.

Last night I dug out the Coleman hot h2o on demand device and ran a test of functions. It still pumps heated h2o from a bucket of cold creek h2o. I used it to shower after my ride.

Drove back to Das Rad. Patrick used compressed air to blow off my Ouray grips as I am giving the Ergon grips a go on these wide bars.

Filled the propane tank that was on last gasps as it took 5.4 gals, 5.8 is max. Don’t think the same attendant filled it full 2 weeks previously. Refrig temp varies from below 30 to above 40. Not impressed w/ even the added exhaust fan. Will do research on battery powered compressor frigs.

Spokane friends plan now is to meet tomorrow night @ Curlew Lake SP then drive back over Sherman Pass for our ride. Previously selected camp ground is inaccessible over a wash out.

This camp spot is just out in the middle. These rolling plains were populated by small farming communities back in the horse farming days when productivity was low, the same acreage was farmed by many families. The advent of the tractor and its continual development to today’s 4 wheel drive articulating 8 wheeled tractors improved productivity which drove many families off the land. Decreasing farmer population shriveled most towns and dried up a few. Wonder what it was like to grow up on a spread say 15 miles from school and miles away from your nearest neighbor. Have strong internet reception here.

Off to bed.