No echo from Echo

Hot night even @ 3500′.

Plan today is early start on Echo Ridge trails then drive back to Wenatchee for Walgreens script refill and other supplies and spend time away from Republic.

Trails here are a ST on the XC groomer trail, as a result they are all but buff and lack tech features. They are as imagined but spinning sort of fun. Rode for over an hour for fill then headed down river. GPS nailed the spots. New battery in Suunto, script refill, and supply of EFS electrolyte powder. Hot: my van displayed 94 degrees.

Going to spend the night back up Mission creek out of cell reception. Tomorrow I might ride Chicamin ridge then head to Republic on Fri. Just kind of biding my time b4 Spokane visit then on my way again. Have a list of Spokane tasks.

Just way too warm.