Something was in the air

Early evening last night a wind storm blew down the Methow rendering cell phone coverage nil and I lost what i started to write.

Spent Tues night “city” camping. City noises: vehicle w/ kicker box, slamming doors, and a cat fight. In the AM I walked Winthrop’s wood sidewalks that were originally “paved” w/ rough sawn dimensional lumber. As the boards deteriorate they are replaced w/ surfaced boards which lessen the stumbling. I have been sampling cinnamon rolls.

Wed’s plan was to ride Sun mtn trails and meet Don. Don is not @ Sun Mtn during the summer. I received a ride suggestion from the Activity staff and headed down to Chickadee TH to start. Years ago I raced here on these trails which gave me a faded memory of the trail system. Why do i ride during the 80s heat of the day? My breathing was causing me problems on the climbs and I had a squeak on my pedal stroke. I felt there was something wrong w/ the hub and I was damaging it was enough for me to call the ride short and head into town for the bike shop for repair. The trails here are all but buff w/ little challenge treadwise. The system is well signed and the map makes sense.

I stopped @ Patterson Lake down the hill for a quick dip to rinse off the grime.

At Methow Cycle and Sport Dave got on my problem. He is team mechanic for RAGBRAI (?), the incredible road riding event that tours the state of Kansas. He diagnosed the problem as my brake pads were dragging on the rotor. he showed me how to adjust the caliper by using a piece of white paper behind the caliper to illuminate the gap between the pads. When the gap is equal he tightened the bolts. Voila! no squeak and the hub is fine.

I checked back in W/ Kristen @ her work. She has friends arriving tonight staying for several days of riding. One couple is on a road trip which will be fodder for a conversation. One ride will be Angel’s Staircase that I will beg off. She is working on an interview article about me for the Methow Valley Sports Trail Association.

Easy to walk city of Winthrop  as there is a main street where all the shops are located and it is several blocks long. The Old School house is a brew pub where I slaked my thirst several times.

Last night I decided to return to my camp spot down by the Chewuck river.

Today I drove down river to the larger city of Twisp to the local laundromat that also has showers.

I returned my Monarch shock to PUSH for rapid turn around service.

Bought diesel in  Twisp for $3.99/gal. Mileage after mtn driving was 25.6mpg.

And it is noon.