Wonderful Winthrop

Another potential landing place.

Today @ 2:30 I had a ride date w/ Kristen.  I drove into town and parked @ The Red Barn on the west side of Chewuck river for internet access.

Last night I returned to my van parked on Main st, which is US 20, I found a note from a guy I met last year who lives in the area. Dave and his wife were on a 6 week road trip from here to DC to visit their daughter who was a page in Congress. I met them in Sedona @ Mtn Bike Heaven. They had bikes on the back of their home converted Sprinter w/ WA plates, immediate shared expressions. Later I was parked @ a Syllamo trailhead in Mtn Home, AR. He gave me his phone number and said that he lives here and he knows the trails. Cool a local for local knowledge. I called him catching him on his way to a carpentry job on the other side of where I was parked. He stopped in and chatted for longer than his employer would appreciate. He is a board member on the XC ski organization that Kristen works for. I learned than Don Portman is still here working for Sun Mtn lodge. Don was a PSIA official who taught several clinics I attended when i was a XC ski instructor back in the 80s when i worked for Ski Acres. I plan on riding the resort’s trails Wed and hope to meet him.

I called PUSH and caught a human to describe my shock performance. I was handed to Eric wo remembers me from previous visits. He said ship it to them and they will service and return it right away, no waiting time. I put the replaced Fox RP23 and noticed immediately the loss of suppleness in the suspension from the Monarch.

I called Social Security admin and filed for benefits which will start in Nov. I turn 62 in September which meets distribution requirements. I doubt my longevity.

I reestablished my relationship for Squirt Lube.

Kristen arrived early after completing her meeting w/ Don who is the president for the XC org. She didn’t mention my name but she described me. Cool: she has an Element. We put my bike in and drove off to Buck Mtn TH which is one of the jewels in the Winthrop crown. She wants to interview me for Methow Valley Sport Trails Assoc and she is fascinated w/ what I am experiencing.

Buck mtn trail started out as a western US phenom of a logging road climb. The trail traveled thru open P-pine forest and sagebrush, hand built. The tread was all but buff with unpreditable dusting of sand that lubricated the hard surface for a wash out fall. Riding w/ a younger person uphill.

follow trail into turn to find kristen, sense the spaceousness

Even got one of me:

catch the size of them bars

We finished the ride then treated us to a cold Sessions beer. It’s only 11 oz in a bottle so that isn’t a beer so you drink another one for a full beer, except we had just one. She offered the shower @ her office and dinner so she could interview me. Cleaned we walked downhill 1 short block to Main and another short distance to a Mexican restaurant. With luck the bar would have Muchoe Tequilla that her brother is part of the team distilling the 100% Agave Repesodo. I enjoyed a sipping shot. She asked questions and I replied w/ books of answers. Dinner was several hours.

Kristen thru her job is tied w/ local property owners and people that created the XC ski system. Many of them would be the contact for a mtn biking center. I have no exit plan for my Odyssey. One might be finding a place to make a mtn biking pay to play mtn bike trail system. As I listen to Kristen I get excited about Winthrop. I want to learn more but w/ each question I hesitate before asking because I still want to travel fearing that the more I know i might drop anchor. OK. I will stay here the rest of the week and will meet more people and learn more starting w/ Don tomorrow.

Kristen offered me an off street parking spot @ her office and shower privileges. City camping.