You ride locally

Spent night @ snowpark w/ the side door open w/ the netting stretched across. I overslept. I also was host to several fully loaded mosquitoes.

Today plan is to ride the Nason Ridge route that Patrick from Das Rad in Leavenworth laid out. Whole lot of road riding and climbing for about a 6 mile descent back to van. Ride locally. Out of the box the state did not mark the FS road intersection for the logging road climb. Backtrack. Lower down the road was being repaired from winter washouts including freshly laid gravel which just sucks the energy from me, I chose to walk a good bit of the new. Fortunately maybe only a mile was affected thus. Just a grinder climb but less than the Ranger creek rides but I was left beat anyway. Found the TH way up top. ST is posted no dirtbikes and they complied. Trail up was almost all hike a bike steep and rough. OK I am seeking the ST downhill that is to be sweet and worth the effort. At the Nason Ridge trail intersection the dirt bikes had gone towards Alpine lookout on a banned trail per the map. I started down the ridge on a trail beat by dirt bikes leaving inches deep dust. Trail picked up a logging road and a piece of an old firebreak, then an overgrown skidder road chopped up by horses. Then a short road ride back to my van. Not an overly enjoyable ride. I am finding pleasure in applying the skills I learned from Betterride.

death and recovery on Round Mtn

This is a fire road bulldozed at fire perimeter, you don’t drive on it.

former fire break w/ bike track down it

Huge Ponderosa Pine:

View out to Glacier peak and maybe part of the Ptarmigan Traverse i did back in 1986 0n skis:

Patrick told me that Mad Mad world & Chicamin ridge trails are closed by the winter blow down that is not cleared. Would like to ride them if the dirtbikes have been off them all year.

Next up was a shower @ Lake Wenatchee SP. Last time here parking was free. State is now charging a  one day $10 parking fee. I drove back to where I parked for my ride and rode down and took a (4) quarter shower. Very windy and place is @ the down wind shore of the lake. White caps and hat blowing away winds.

Drove shore line road to Glacier View XG. I was hoping for shoreline views on public land. Not so.

Drove back to snopark where I stayed last night.

Tomorrow I am heading to devil’s Gulch trails that Patrick said are primo because spring was so late melting out trails that little time has been available for dirtbikes, plus the trails get more wet.