big snow in red rock country

Last night just b4 midnight it started, and it kept up most of the night. Trees branches bested by its wet weight snapped free and plummeted to snowy mother earth. So much snow depth that the sun’s rays did not reach my solar panel. Danny’s street had about 3″ of wet snow. Sedona has snow plows as 1 made 1 pass on narrow 2 lane street. By noon the sun and warm temps dried the street.

Spent part of morning w/ Danny helping him understand iPod.

Plan today is for dinner @ Jim & Jan’s with me making by request another Waldorf salad w/ more dates and orange. Headed down to BnB. I stopped @ Circle K for h2o from vending machine. I drink bulk filtered h2o. Dave of Fat Tire pulled in behind me. He said he was following me. We stood outside in the sunshine, me in shirt sleeves, talking about trail advocacy. Dave said that he has known Dave Turner for 20 years. Turner told him he is going off shore to have his bikes made, one more made in America brand not made in America anymore.

April 23 24 is a big weekend here in Sedona. The first mtn bike festival will happen as will be a Turner demo. Also, Headsup, the owners of the Red Agave resort are throwing a party for me in honor of mt 1000 day odyssey. Zack has contacted Bike mag and MBA about the celebration. Come on down for a festival riding weekend.

Every day I get more pain free movement of my right arm. I have been off the pain pills for several days although I still experience pain. I raised my bed today to learn it is still on the heavy lifting effort list.

Still staying @ Danny’s house.

Yesterday afternoon I was inside my van and he was in his house. A VW bus drove down the street, Danny went out to greet the driver whom he knew. He invited her into his house. Somehow he roped him into helping him w/ his Apple computer. Juju is Lebanese raised in CA and US but she still has a sing sing accent that made for lots of laughs. Somehow Danny set her up for dinner and she invited us to her house for authentic Hummus. What a laughing evening it turned out to be, another midnight bedtime.

Went for a 80 min walk on neighborhood streets near BnB. Muscles have atrophied.

Have had a nagging headache for several days. Next week I get my eyes checked same place as last year.

Coumadin Craig

This AM Ty, the health care professional  managing my case, delivered the test results of test positive for Factor V Leiden, simply to me means that I form blood clots easier than most, a bummer genetic chromo combination. I am for life on my moniker. Avoid activities that might result in physical damage such as contact sports. I am only a bench player in jarring contact and have been for years. What changes now? More bandages in my first aid kit.  Know where the nearest hospital is. Sharpen my judgement of tech challenges & remain focused.

I am wrapping my head around this new event.

Ty released me for cardio exercise. I am resurrecting the road bike and searching for a trainer to put it on. I can ride one armed but not on rollers. BnB was quite busy, I left w/ the road bike still on the van. I am do the work when I have 2 good arms.

ESPN 2 is televising the Zags ST Maries b-ball game tonight. I will watch it @ a new for me Old Sedona. Game is 9:00 PM right when their music starts. I am taking ear plugs.

Bill and Susan from Tomichi cycles in Gunnison ran into me in Basha’s parking lot. They used their visit time to ride and tend their 2 young kids.

Read today that for every $1.00 a barrel of oil rises, gas goes up 2.5 cents.

still in sedona

I am gaining motion w/ less pain in my right arm. In fact upon occasion I am able to capitalize and type w/ my right hand. Co0l. Past 2 days i took pain pills around 3:00AM to continue sleeping as the small of my back says its had enough laying down time. During the day I gradually reintroduce my right arm into select activities, I will only brush my hair w/ my left arm which misses on my right side. I am still living in my van and fending for myself. I permitted myself to be helped by Danny who allowed a parking space @ his house. Along w/ that came his lowering and raising my bed for bedtime, and a shower. Also is Danny the person. He has a less than 3 year old healer mix named Pepper who has allowed me to be friends w/.  She is friendly by nature and she has put me in her inner circle of friends. I get a good dog fix.

Yesterday I went on a short walk up a sandy single track intermixed w/ slick rock. The sand was safe to walk in, the slick rock offered a bit of challenge esp in my Topsiders deck shoes. I retreated after realizing I was not prepared for what I wanted to scale.

Matt, who broke his ankle on a Jimmy ride, visited the Red Agave which is a short distance from BnB. He’s on crutches, he said that after about 5 mins upright his foot protests. He is a candidate for one of my friends because he can’t get away.

In the 50s during the day and just under freezing at night. Cloudless blue sky. This place is so pretty. I have traveled the country and seen a lot. What strikes me about Sedona is that here a person is in the scenery. For instance, seeing snow capped MT Rainier in alpine glow is drop dead spectacular. But the mountain is so far away. I am not in it. Here, the peaks are right here, not only can I reach out and touch it, I can exist in it.

Normal day has been getting out of bed around 7:30. Earlier I get out to turn up heat and turn on Bob Edwards on XM. I lay back waiting for warmth and learn from Bob & guests. Last several days it was 53 degrees after heat on high but b4 sun warmed me up. Fix bfast of now Kashi cold cereal, a cup of cold brewed coffee, several swigs from the jug of V8, and yogurt. Then I catch Danny getting ready for his day and scratch Pepper. Danny gets wrapped up in his conversation such that he keeps putting off leaving. I putze around; usually one go @ email & internet news. Lunch is whatever. Afternoon I head for BnB for the afternoon hanging in shop. I stay for quitting time @ 5:00, usually have a beer. Then drive back up to Sedona for dinner @ New Frontiers from their store prepared food. Around 8 I am back @  Dannys for more conversation and TV. Bedtime is b4 11:00 w/ low heat & doubled over down blanket laying on my back. And then it is tomorrow and it starts again not like Groundhog Day movie.

The longer I stay the more enmeshed in the local mtn biking scene.

March 1 is collar bone doc follow up this coming Tuesday. The blot clot doc said i could resume cardio activity. 10 more days will mark 4 weeks of healing, a week from this Saturday. I am wanting the time to pass quickly.

Still can’t raise my arm to take pictures.