Sedona Time

And time slipped away. Going back.

Friday afternoon ride was w/ Jimmy. We set out on a trail improvement ride @ low  warp speed. We moved rocks and made intruding cat claw branches disappear. We made our way to like Jack’s Canyon TH. Jimmy wanted to show me a great vista into VOC from the south. The sun was lowering in the sky casting a wonderful soft light on the red rocks. SO cool. He showed me where the trail continued over to Hot Loop then down Dry Beaver creek. He said perhaps another day. We calculated dark thirty and determined if we get our pedals turning we could make the hwy just @ dark. Trails over here are less slick rock and more volcanic. Trail turned into illused double track strewn w/ smaller than basketball rollers. I lowered my seat and let mo pull me downward. Made ranger station on the hwy at dark. Jimmy called Jan to pick us up, we arrived same time. Back @ BnB Jimmy poured beer, several other people arrived. I was waiting out Jimmy kicking everybody out to close shop and I was hoping for a shower. I made 2 beers last till 9:30 when i bid adieu. Dinner @ 10:00, stayed up till almost midnight to let food settle.

sundown to left looking into Oak Creek, courthouse butte

Sat I hooked up w/ Virginia folks @ BnB then lead them on a ride. They are great riders. To their credit they sessioned tech problems. I worked on one that stumped me and made it. We made it over to one of the Hogs which has several tech features I haven’t conjured up the courage to ride. After ride hang out @ BnB and 2 New Belgium 1554 pints. The owner of the building, Craig, let me take a shower in the studio apartment. I left while still light for Beaverhead.

from chapel

Sunday i drove back to MBH for shop ride. Special Ed. I made the step up move onto start of Pyramid and made the first nasty drop in. Improvement. Nice day in short sleeves and leg armor. Long day w/ little miles.

I hankered for a print book, something fiction that I could occupy my eyes and brain. I bought Swinsuit, by Patterson. 320 of nice size type, a page turner. I ate a square of 75%cocao chocolate. a chocolate brownie, then a chocolate cookie. I finished the book and the caffeine kept working. I didn’t sleep well.

Last night the forecast for 40% snow showers. I covered my bikes b4 dark. From where I park I look east into Sedona. Snow clouds were visible. A few flakes fell on my camp. Today is a rest day for my blahs. I drove into town and parked @ MBH for internet access. I ordered a new flannel bed sheet to replace my almost 1000 day old sheets.

Mentioning 1000 days on the bike odyssey date is April 13. I plan on celebrating here in Sedona.

The Virginia folks have been hitting the trails hard. I caught up w/ them @ BnB. They decided to take a rest day.

Back out @ Beaverhead for the night. Forecast calls for dropping temps, back to long fingered gloves.

Just another day in paradise

Plan today is MBH Wed shop ride. Dean is coming along. Had a small gaggle of regular riders plus Adrian from Radium Hot Springs up in BC near Rogers Pass. He visited here last year same time and remembered me, saw the article in MBA. Today’s ride was over towards Coffee Pot and beyond. Blue bird skies, bit of a breeze, and temps in shirt sleeve comfort Just Sedona riding: chunky & challenging, just the usual stuff. Amazing that we saw only 2 other bikers the entire time we were out. 9.97 miles took 2 hours of riding & climbed 1528′.

Sedona single track, find 2 riders on "trail"

Yesterday I bought a piece of wild salmon, I split it into 2 pieces, and steamed it for dinner. Steaming minimized the fish smell. Worked out so well and tasted so good I fixed the other half tonight. My cooking skills and aptitude have sunk due to lack of desire and kitchen facility.

Folks from VA have been getting all the goods. Today Chewie lead them on Hangover and Damifino. I believe tomorrow they ride w/ Joe Murray who lives up in Flag. Chewie is a very skilled rider.

Houseless Doug ran out of food and money. He paid a visit to the local food bank and scored 4 bags of great groceries.

My confidence level is inching upward @ glacial speed but I am riding stuff I walked in the past. I am better this year than last. I ordered a Rockshox Monarch shock directly from PUSH that will be custom tuned to my riding and bike. This shock will improve the rear suspension, my goal is throwing $ to overcome my lack of skill.

eye candy

Another day awaits tomorrow.


Jimmy planned a route for yesterday’s ride. He said he racked his brain for a route that used fresher trails. He lead us to Hog Wash which is the lowest route on the back side of Hogs. Up high is High on the Hogs, lower is Hog Heaven. The side of the mountain is in deep shade. We skirted a piece of h2o ice still solid in spite of the air temp in mid 50s. I smashed my left bicep into a branch stob slicing my skin almost knocking me off my bike. A fall here would have been painful. Today i wore a jersey that I lacerated the right sleeve on a tree on last Wed’s ride. This branch brush just poked small holes in the sleeve. Again, the desert beats you up. 2 hour ride covered 14 miles.

Looks better when standing still

Fun part of the day was hanging @ shop after ride. Boys, beer, and bikes how much fun.

Scored a shower then headed back to Beaverhead. I slept very well last night as I am recovering from Sat’s ride.

Today I decided to make it a rest day. I was hanging @ BnB when the VA group walked in. I introduced them around. They have been chewing up the good rides here. Tomorrow they get a ride w/ Chewie from BnB who is a top notch rider

I bought on line the book about Square Foot Gardening and I wanted to read it today. Interesting proven concept in that your garden size is only 4′ x 4′; it effectively reduces traditional long row single crop garden of the past. The bed is gridded off in 1′ squares and you plant seeds in each square based on space requirement and can stagger the harvest time.  Very productive method.

Tomorrow is a MBH shop ride.

Listened to the State of the Union address. We can do it.