Desert times

Today UPS is to deliver my new pedals to OTE and I wanted to help rake fallen leaves on shop grounds. Biting strong wind from the north helped / hindered raking and bagging of leaves from the 2 large pecan trees. I helped and I feel good. A tepid shower @ Washington rec enter cleaned me up. A shower is only $0.50. Pecan leaves have a fragrance, not that any stuck to me.

I bought a used pair of Time pedals back in Asheville. I didn’t check them very carefully, what I noticed was how clean they were and the price. I replaced the bearings in Sun Valley. Several days ago on a ride I twisted my left foot almost 90 degrees to the pedal axle and was still in the pedal. Once free I noticed that I broke on of the retaining bales. Previously I noticed that the bales were well eroded signifying significant use. Buyer was not aware. I was given a Shimano elite pass deeply discounting from retail purchase from their goods. One of the Bike mags said Shimano pedals are what others are judged by. I have bought as much non Shimano stuff that I can when justified to support smaller companies. I used Shimano pedals way back in their infancy. I’m not saying they are the new sliced bread but they were affordable and not Egg Beaters. I also bought new cranks and chain rings. When I replace the cranks (someday) only the Gripshifts will be left over from the original build.

Yesterday rain preceded wet snow, it was just a nasty day, just right for staying inside. I might have sampled a football game in a sports bar if one were open in Hurricane. Utah requires you to buy food w/ your adult beverages.

Been burning the heater almost 7X24. My accomodations are small and comfortable.

Tomorrow I will visit Chris’ barbershop for a neaten up. I rode w/ Chris Sat @ Little Creek. He cuts flattops, pompadours, straight edge razor shaves, and butches. I am counting on just nick the edges. Then another ride @ Barrelroll because the trail tread will have dried out.

Alvin Lee and 10 Years After on XM Deep Tracks.

Friend Bill Victor tells me he is giving up the country life and riding access to FATS for the city. He rode the Pinhoti outside Dalton, GA and spoke highly of its tech challenges.

Mountain Khakis pants are not very durable. Give me a pair of Columbia Roc pants anytime. Need to find another pair.

Ride data: I learned how to post a topo map into m y ride data page. I selected medium size but if you rt click on map then select “open in a new tab or window”. When it opens click on “view” in tool bar then click “zoom” it will blow up. I will post other rides in the future.

Hurricane somemore

Ah, the day after the feast. Did my laundry in Hurkin. Dan & I plotted a plan to ride down @ Bearpaw Poppy outside of ST George.

Arrived @ packed TH parking lot. Nice day on holiday brought out rec riders. Dan figured out a route, trails not well marked. Just out in desert many  ATV trails just going w/ heavily traveled single tracks spotted w/ spur trails going where(?) Made Stuckey Spring and rode back Rattlesnake completing on Bearpaw Poppy the main trail. Dan said that horses illegally rode the trail 2 springs ago and the damage is still noticed in irregular bumps on the trail. Easy day in terms of effort & length. It was about flowing on desert trails.

My life

Stopped @Rec center in Washington & drove back to Upper GEM TH. I dredged a chicken breast in corn starch and fried in olive oil on my stove. Chose to open the side door and turn the fan on speed 2 to evacuate the smoke. Never again. I smelled the odor every time I woke up during the night.

Today legendary Fixie Dave is leading a group ride up on Little Creek where I fell last year. Dave rides a fixed gear rigid 29er. Fixed means he is pedaling like a tricycle is geared. 2 friends of his from Denver braved snowy interstate to ride today and Chris, a local. I rode w/ Chris in his Saturn. Word was the road had been graded. It is going to stutter bumps was frozen w/ patches of snow as we drove higher. TH elevation was around 5600′  I would not have wanted to drive my van out. Clouds covered the sky keeping the heat in which thawed the ground making it muddy.  My front wheel hung below the rear bumper on Chris’ car, the lower arc of the wheel was plastered w/ mud. 9 riders as 2 couples arrived. Cimaron worked for the BLM and was instrumental in establishing the present trail system. At issue are the Old Ones artifacts that are unprotected. She said this area has the highest density of artifacts, mostly rock writings. She showed me some on our way back.

snowy Little creek mesa

Trail is mixture of convoluted sand stone and dirt that has high clay content. And patches of snow changing the traction quotient. We never made the spot where I fell because much of the trail is on dirt which would be too muddy.

Ancient Ones art work is different here than Santa Clara. Check lower right image which shows pornography preceded the internet:

rock writing

Temp really warmed up to maybe low 50s thawing out the road. The drive back was really greasy, I wonder if my van would have made it out.

Back @ OTE I washed my bike. Dinner @ Durango Grill Mexican grill for dinner and crossed the common wall to Baristas for luscious ice cream.

Storm coming in maybe snow so i decided to stay in town for the night. Forecast calls for warming temps that will dry out trails.

Turkey wanna go to sleep blues

Slept behind OTE last night. Forecast was for 8 degrees but I saw 21 when I got up. It was still chilly in my van  w/ the heater on high.

Plan today is to ride Hurricane Rim trail above town as far out as I could before the dirt turned to freeze thaw glop. Then have Thanksgiving feast @ Baristas in Hurricane. If I would have started riding early i could have gotten further on trail b4 freeze thaw but I stayed warm while waiting for the sun to crest the ridge above town. I called my dad back in Ohio.

Drove up to TH. I wore long finger gloves, helmet hat, tights, shorts, heavy wool socks, long underwear wool jersey, & long sleeve jersey. I packed booties and real warm gloves. Beautiful day. The early part of the trail was somewhat in the shade and rock so it was firm pedaling. As I approached the 6 mile marker the tread became more dirt that went freeze thaw. If I would have continued I would have ridden deeper into mud land and for the return would have been dragging the bike thru the desert not the trail. saw a few adventurous cholla cactus.

Hurricane rim trail

2:00 dinner @ Baristas. All scratch made.  At 6:15 I am nodding off @ the upper GEM TH.

Yesterday was a rest day and I hung in town. OTE is dead quiet but I kept Fixie Dave occupied. The store has several old issues of Bike Mag that I looked thru searching for articles written by Chris Lesser. Read what i found, he was normally a once an issue contributor. Funny rereading the issues years after i originally read them. The mag has changed w/ new editor who is more into downhill.

Mon I rode w/ Dan down @ ST George in Green Valley aka race course area. Numerous jeep roads and twisty roky single track. Dan figured a ride out & I just followed his wheel.

Liking the Reverb. I lower it just a bit and I sit down on the down hills while steering the line. On steeper tread i drop it all the way down and crouch over the pedals lowering my center of gravity as low as it is going to get. So there is a weight penalty but the pleasure quotient offsets the extra uphill work.

Tomorrow Dan has another ride cooked up down out of Green Valley which about 1500′ lower than where I am camped. It will be warmed, drier, and normally less windy. Its just a 50 mile round trip from Hurricane.

Fixie dave created a stickie: ” WD 40 is not a lubricant”.