Back to Sedona

Another night in a stuffy motel room. Fell asleep watching Law & Order. Ate hotel provided bfast.

Loading stuff back in van, saw woman smoking a cigarette leaning on a car w/ WA plates, enough for me to strike up a conversation, or an opening line. We sort of compared here w/ there. She said she can’t stand the red rock as it seems to take energy out of her. Fitting as she smoked. She wanted her husband to visit w/ me and set off to find him. She returned w/ him and he asked his questions. He is not a rider, couldn’t understand my excitement of Sedona’s rocks.

Drove to Discount Tire to buy a set of new tires. The fronts are just about @ wear indicator. Installed them. They are not convinced of benefits of N2. The rear tires that were last on the front had more tread and were moved to the front.  New tires are same make & model except these are more snow tire than the A/S that are now on the front. Drove onto 3 lane freeway and the fun started: the van was going which ever way the last gripping tire had direction. And it was very windy. Maybe it was like steering a kayak on a following sea. At the first exit I pulled off to park to check tire pressure. Fronts were 70, not ordered 60. Decided to give new tires some more miles to wear them in, and the front tires to settle down. And it was windy.  The 89 miles to Sedona broke the tires in a bit.

Visited @ B & B then drove back to Beaverhead flats. Stopped on 179 and walked upstream for several pics of Dry Beaver creek that was a class 3 kayak creek. Fed by snow melt. Back late Dec the creek bed was parched dry.

Parked @ favorite spot sheltered by several junipers. The wind was gusting into the van side which rocked me.

Scattered rain showers per forecast. Put cover over bikes b4 rain fell.

Chest still painful, will like it if it rains tomorrow to justify another day of recovery.

Clean as a Whistle

Uneventful colonoscopy this AM. No polyps, no idea to what causing loose stool. DR suggested 600mg of ibu for muscle pain. I am finding out what is not causing my discomfort and so far the disastrous causes have been eliminated. Which medicine specialty will identify the cause and remedy the solution. My plumbing is safe from intrusion for another 10 years.

Last night starting @ 4 was the uncapping of the 4 liter of golightly fluid I needed to drink as fast as I can or at least 8 ozs every 10 to 15 mins. I crunched the numbers and drew up a time sheet to keep me on track to empty the jug. Both my plan and the drink worked as described.

Left side ribs are still painful to deep breathing. Going to take Wed off. I need to buy a set of tires for the van on my way to Sedona tomorrow. Tires are almost at wear strip and have 61,000 miles on them. I’m thinking replace the tires here w/ better choices than central OK. Might not be fair comparision but the point is valid.

Hanging @ motel.

Sleeping on queen sized bed, I slept on the first 36″ width. My van bed is just fine. Had to stay here again tonight because daily checkout was before I was released from dr and I needed a driver to get me out. restaurant food. Another shower tonight.

Phoenix megalopolis stole the h2o to make it so big. In the Sonoran desert w/ Saguaro cactus for shade. Smog. Distant mountains ring basin.

Yesterday @ Montezuma’s castle near Camp Verde just S of Sedona while walking back to my van to leave I hear “Craig Bierly” called out several times from a passing rig. It was Kevin Bergdahl from TCS where I used to work. He picked me out of a croud of people while he was inching forward in the traffic. Impressive for him and validation for me that i seem the same 21 months later. Hardly anybody knows my last name because it is not on my business card.

Knocked out

yesterday was a hang out day waiting the late afternoon ride start from Bike & Bean. Shower @ Hilton b4 ride because 1 ride of grit was better on a clean body than 4 days of accumulation.

Shortly after 5 a bunch of us headed out & rode x the hwy to old man and then some other pieces. Brisk wind blowing sand. Chilly and sunny, beautiful light again. frenetic pace by leaders trying to get 2 hours out of a 1 hour ride. I can’t keep up, I just get winded trying to ride hard.

Ended up back @ B & B for a raccaus beer drinking no dinner evening. Slept behind shop.

My gut pain & loose stool moves to colonoscopy this Tues down in Scottsdale. Blood tests came back normal but I have high cholesterol still. I booked pricey motel reservations for Mon & Tues  nights.  I drink maybe 3 qts of h2o a day, i lessened my consumption and stool firms up. Kidneys not able to remove excess h2o I drink? See what the 4″ hose reveals.

Today started as just another beautiful Sedona spring day. researched hotel choice. To be released after the procedure I have to have a motle reservation & a  drive to it. Taxi both ways. I found a room for 2 weeks of grocery $ 4 miles away.

Geared up & rode to B & B to start my morning. Plan is to ride down low by myself @ my speed & working on technique. I had ridden most of the distance several times. I made my tech problems feeling pleased w/ myself. I say pleased because it beat the frustration of not making any of them. At Templeton & Cathedral trail junction I dropped down towards TH & wash that I planned to ride up. Amnesia is so protective as I have no memory of the nasty fall I took over the bar from stuffing my front wheel on landing. I must have rolled a drop that was too steep and lacked a down slope runout. I vaguely remember coming to picking up my bike. A hiker took it away from me, he asked about me and where I was going. I seemed to make sense and could focus my eyes. I was woozy.  He walked my bike dwonhill to TH where I wrestled it away from him and said thatnk you for help. I didn’t ask him what he saw. I rode back to B & B between the bike lane white lines. Hurt but able to pedal. Plan is to get back to van while I could still seeand drive to Sedona hospital emergency room for examination. Pulled it off. At the hospital I packed a clean clothes bag and walked in. I am in my riding shorts & jersey. I am limping from a banged right knee. My left side is way hurting, I can’t close my mouth to chew, a bleeding cut on my left little finger, a gash on the inside of my mouth, and a bloody 1 1/4in gash under my left eye. Cat scan and several Xrays revealed no serious injuries. DR said that tomorrow I will feel like a car hit me. Never had that happen. Do not remember the beginning of the fall nor how long I was knocked out. DR said I was out cold. I am hurting. My right knee had a little swelling but the icing seems to have reduced swelling.

Yesterday i emailed Dave Turner @ Turner bikes that I rode w/ his test guy. DT replied.