Day @ Sportsmobile, etc

Dateline: Austin, TX all day

Noisy night @ dialysis parking lot. Was warm then chilled off and sometime it rained gently and I did not hear it start. Bikes got wet!

Drove short distance to Sportsmobile and turned my van over to them. They allow customers to walk around the shop and I watched work on my van and others. Kevin told me that business is down converting about 4 vans a month from 20 and heads are down accordingly. I am having 2 battery storage containers installed, at least 1 battery, & a solar collector. Holes were cut in the floor for the battery containers. Per RV standards the batteries have to vent to outside. The optional van battery is installed under the passenger’s seat and is not vented to outside and it does not appear to be a deep cycle. Battery electricity is interesting stuff. The solar panel is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and be installed by EOB and then I head North.

I washed to Turner & replaced the handlebar grips. Later I drove to Cycleprogression to visit w/ owner, Alex to buy shock reducers and to ride his Turner DW link Sultan. I have pictures of the bike. When Boeing stock goes back up and if Dave Turner and I can work a deal I will upgrade. Right now it is a want and not a need. No pedal bob on hammering. The suspension tunes out what the shock has to tuned out to rid the bob.

Drove down road to Bicyclesportshop for brake pads. Formula brakes are not very popular but are very highly regarded. Finding pads & parts is a chore. On duty manger is from Michigan and we talked of our rides in his state. He gave me a shop pint glass.

Drove thru part of downtown Austin and freeways coming & going. Traffic. Downtown core had people outside physically active.

Drove back to REI and hung in a corner in mall parking lot in shade and made myself at home.

New issues of Dirtrag and Bike magazine are out & in my possession. No reviews for FATS or MT Zion. Compete w/ writing this.

Emailed Dave Turner on trip status. He replied and asked if I will help their demo trip w/ ride ideas. I said sure.

Eggbeater pedals springs are weak again allowing my feet to release under load. Riding the limestone the last 2 days I made some moves and my foot disengaged. Not good. I have an RA from Crank Bros. I just need to decide when to send them in and where to return ship them.

Emailed an OK riding group yesterday & received a reply to ride in Ardmore, OK on Sat. He said that this trail is the best in the state. I will drive straight North & then East across OK to hit AR. Bit extra driving but in pursuit of best trail in state is what I will do.

Another tough ride in texas

So nice camping in paid XG: I hung outside w/ door open making my presence visible. Dirt bag camping is reclusive. Worked on bike, changed tire, called Gracie. Clouded over during night making it warmer.

Drove out of xg to TH parking area. Headed out to ride to otheer side of Georgetown Lake. Riding this sharp edged limestone is taxing: To fall on it would result in many cuts from same rock. Trail @ start was ST tyhru junpiers & over limestone rocks. trail dropped out onto old road that worked its way up river until it hit the ford. Apparently the lake at one time was way high but now is a shadow. The beach area is closed as the water is below the floating barrieres that have been grown over in the sand. Trail wandered thru old bottom lands until it climbed up on the far bank and the riding got way more technical. The rock edges were sharper and the line choices were blocked by prickly pear cactus. i walked some each way. I had a hard time punishing my tires over sharp rock. 3 hours.

Drove to Joe hogg XG for shower. New person womaned the gate and I paid the $3.00 & drove in. I experienced all h20 turned off in xg. Learned to turn on h20 before stripping.

Beautiful day & ride in Texas hill country

Dateline: Austin, TX

Peaceful sleep in parking lot. Wasn’t a police station across the block.

Up @ 7 AM & out looking for a gravel parking lot to fix bfast. Just a few blocks further down road. Towns that spring up alongside a major road are usually not very deep and have low traffic dead end side streets.

Drove into Austin to REI. Waited in parking lot until opened. Getting warm but no humidity. REI no tires or shorts to spend sale & dividend on. Drove to big bike shop for tire. Bought for $59 an Maxxis ignitor.

Drove N to georgetown ride. Austin population per sign is 6xx,xxx and suburbs sprawl. Bit of traffic for Sunday.

Parked @ TH. Trail travels along shore of man made lake but almost never in sight of it. Limestone rock. Part to Jim Hogg was not as technical as part to Russel park. 16.42 miles, 1210 vert as out & back. Better at riding rocks. Limestone is soft and tires smear well and when it moves it moves w/ dampening.

Struck up conversation w/ gate keeper couple @ Jim Hogg XG on my ride. Their XG had showers for $3.00 or campsite w/ shower for $18. But primitive xg was $12. Primitive plus shower = 15, save $3. I drove to xg w/ shower & continued convesation w/ same couple. I negotiated a free shower for the husband to tour my van. Score. Gracie says, ” The answer is ‘No’ unless you ask.” Then it was $12 for primitive. Nice sites but all the parking is on the road shoulder & you carry your stuff in. Only camper in XG. Beautiful night: low 60s, gentle breeze, clear sky, no humidity.

Worked on bike, greased pedals & bike bushings after ride in rain. Put on new tire.

Called Gracie. She placed 3rd in her race today. She was pumped & thrilled w/ her place. 2nd place took her down almost @ finish. Told her she needs some motocross skills to block and protect.

I rode from Overlook park to Russel Park. The ride map shows Russel park as the turn around for an out & back from the other side. I might ride here again tomorrow on technical ST.

Most of trail was under juniper & several scrub oak trees. Trail where it was on rocks in shade was hard to follow. Challenging ride. Pasted 2 guys on full suspension wearing shin guards. The 3rd rider was in toe traps, wearing an ipod but wearing no helmet, just a ball cap. Duh.

People w/ Sportsmobile Betty & Les emailed me info about Sportsmobile: small company & Paul, whom I have been in contact is the big squeeze.