Waiting out the rain in Morehead, KY

Sometime during the night it started to rain. Again, I accepted the forecast as possible showers and put the bike cover over the bikes so I just listened to the rain on the roof.

Today I just drove to Morehead to wait out the rain and a Kentucky ride at Cave Lake that Rich, the IMBA Trail Crew person suggested. The forecast is for rain on Monday, partial sun on Tuesday and then snow. I plan to hang here today and Monday. The local bike shop is open Tuesday for beta on Cave Run ride.

Will find a bar tonight for GU game.

I saved the Mohican ride and added it as a graphic to the blog: Thanksgiving…. Mohican. If you open it, please tell me your results.


Back at it

Excellent second Thanksgiving feast at sister Lynn & husband Bill who did the cooking.

Spent night at Dad’s waiting out the drying of my laundry. Said Good-bye.

Off headed South into hills of Ohio andĀ  Lake Hope SP. GPS nailed it. Twisty windy roads South of Newark. XG open & populated w/ lots of hunters.

Parked @ Furnace parking lot. Trails nice ST, all rideable, almost completely smooth, covered in leaves. Twisty in places. Open woods after leaves have fallen. Rode 14.96 miles w/ 1788′ vert for Southern Ohio. Late sun afternoon ride. Finished @ 4:00 and shadows are getting deeper. Trails are ST, some narrow, all deeply covered by fallen leaves, some bench cut outslope which is reflex riding the down hill lip of the trail: may reflexes over come a hidden obstacle.

Resting just off edge of hidden trail
Resting just off edge of hidden trail

Learned that the XG had hot showers. Drove up into large sprawling XG. Almost all occupied sites were hunter camps. Shower house way back in. Sign on door that read non residents must pay a fee way back down @ office that was closed, and using self registration, or subject to a fine. Quick in & out washed off sweat & $ in my pocket. Lots of hunters for deer season start. Can’t hunt where I rode in the park.

Pain from blood clot is all but gone. No adverse effect on riding which is recovering from almost 3 weeks off bike.

Decided to drive to Athens to watch the GU / Tenn Old Spice Tourney championship. Let gps work but it picked some more back roads, question its accuracy. Drove thru OU. Found gas station and inquired of a sports bar w/ good beer. Named a few. Town is a ghost town w/ students gone for Tday. Found parking lot just out of downtown. Made it my spot fore the night. Fired up computer and checked the GU schedule: game is Sunday.

Quiet night bit warmer.

Forecast for next 2 days is rain & snow. Planning on driving to Morehead, KY for Daniel Boone NF rides.


Open forest
Open forest