Ithica & Shindagin

Foggy during night.

Set alarm & woke to it to get going early to beat rain at Ithica.

Drove to Ithica, grocery shopped: no filtered water. Looked up bike shop in Yellow Pages & called asking about ride info. Told to go to their web site & look for maps. Beat driving to shop sort of.

Drove out to Shinagin TH. Reviewed favorably. Foggy.

Ride in trees, some maples have dropped all their leaves, pretty coverage. Wandered around riding first one number trail then the next higher. Couldn’t connect so wandered. Edge has compass corrected to declination making navigation much more accurate & comforting.

Deep woods cover w/ roots:

deep woods cover, trail is under leaves, somewhere
deep woods cover, trail is under leaves, somewhere

Wandered around. Other trails not numbered. Would like to ride w/ local to put big ride together. Rode B trails on other side of road. Rode over into Shindagin Hollow road & had to retrace my tracks. Missed necessary trails to loop return to van.

Finally fell on a root on way back. Thankfully going slow as front wheel just slipped sideways spilling me onto my left side stopping just short of banging my head into a log. Whew.

Otherwise I would have been buried here:

remains left to the woods, family plot, 1880s or so
remains left to the woods, family plot, 1880s or so

In the woods there were 2 long rock fences made with flat rocks. early farming w/ small cemetery holding their remains. Trees replaced what must have been fields. Land must have been pretty hard to till judging from length & height of stone fences.

No shower, no XG nearby. No scam.

Drove back into Ithica for internet access. Drove out to hospital & parked in visitor parking lot. Security keeps driving by, so far no inquiry.

Forecast is for rain rest of week. Ride tomorrow before forecasted rain & then work East to Vermont.

Diesel $ almost 1/2 gone.

Up into New York


Spent almost a week in Ohio w/ family. Excellent time, warm fuzzies all around.

Rode Mohican 2x, second time was with vigor: just pushed, finished in 2 hrs 48 min for 24 something miles and either 2646 or 3187′ vert depending upon which software computed the data.

Mohican single  track: open, no roots & few rocks
Mohican single track: open, no roots & few rocks

Lise got me to allow a reflexologist to torment me in the hopes of making me feel better. Didn’t know I felt bad. I felt sore after all the poking and prodding on my feet.

Left Sat. AM.

Intent was to ride Kennerdell in Western PA and State College on Sunday waiting out rain. Late in leaving Ohio. Decided to drive to State College for ride on Sunday. Camped off I-80 near Clearfield with internet access and weather radio. Forecast still called for rain @ SC but the epic at Ellicottville, NY was for low % rain and web said it dried quickly. So I headed N.

Rained on way N. But as I neared Ellicottville it became just fog.

Found Blood, Sweat, & Gears a bike and ski shop downtown. Picked the info from a guy who laid out their race course last weekend. Said trails were well marked. OK then.

Battery in Edge was low, charged it for 20 mins hoping it would last. Took off. Couldn’t find trail markings as stated on map. Ended up following white paint blazes with a designation of FLT/NCT that w/o my glasses I couldn’t really read.

I now have been exposed to rocks & roots, mostly rocks, and I have a long way to go to ride these trails. I did ride some feet but walked the big gardens. Slow speed riding. It started to rain but deciduous trees kept most off but trail did get wet.

I found myself @ little rock city and left trail for road ride out as it was almost 4:00. Followed road until I found a marking for the race course which I followed backwards. Even their bike trails were rocky albeit not as bad as FLT. Use baby chain ring and 2nd or 3rd cog & let little Mo carry me forward. I have a good bike but the brain and engine need some tuning.

Finger lakes trail rock garden, trail somewhere
Finger lakes trail rock garden, trail somewhere

Fog up high, wet trail & grass. Map made out of poor paper that wouldn’t stand up to repeated opening & closing. Add the rain & it almost fell apart before I got out.

The Edge shut done so I lacked compass functionality. I left road for one of the lakes to ride around hoping to gain the Canfield trail I rode up on. Picked a different lake, all 3 of them being on top of ski hills. Found a road down & ended up way outside of town. It was heavy misting making for an unpleasant road ride back. Stayed comfortable under rain jacket.

Bike shop guy said I might score a shower at Holiday Ski area, tammerac club which is also a golf course. I ducked in wearing my muddy & wet bike clothes, not looking at all like a wet golfer. Empty locker room & a quick hot shower & I was out of there.

Hit small grocery store & drove up on roads to top of ski hills for camp. dark around 7:30.

Leaves have started turning. In PA it is because of drought stress. Here, the guys in the shop couldn’t make up their minds as to cause. Bright reds. Not all trees of same species have turned.

2 small ski areas w/ a bunch of chairs & runs and what seems to be more ski shops than the market would support

Temporarily tethered in Ohio

Staying with family members.

Rode part of the Mohican 100 mile mtn bike race course. The race is one of a few that are national sanctioned. 24 miles of it. Different forest: more open that MI and less oak but more beech. Just a little sand. Worth riding again, Nice job.

Meet Annette McCormick, a local advocate and instrumental in the whole trail deal. Their club have a challenging and rewarding trail to ride.

I will post more later. Going from 1 internet hot spot to another visiting my family.