I wrote a bunch today enjoying faster internet speed behind the sheriffs office. I included several pics. I know I clicked Publish. Later I checked not only was there nothing in the cupboard, there was no cup-board. Out at sometimes 1 bar 4G Beaverhead. Unable to find the missing post.

Firefox is displaying text that my site lacks security. Maybe the post is out there in arrest land.

83 degrees

Climate change deniers? 83 degrees on March 15.

catching up.

Wed I gave Dry Creek another go riding down drano to first crossing of Dry Creek. I was able to ride across the now shallow run. Good news for up stream crossings. I continued on Last Frontier. A ways in I spotted a possible trail which I followed having a general idea where it might take me. Not ridden in but defined. opps, I was knocked off my bike and landed on my recovering right side. WTF? I surmise that my front wheel was deflected by an unnoticed cut off tree stob unseen from the ground cover. Bang! handlebar twisted from my grip then the splat on contact with the ground. Ouch. Fuck! Another fall on the sore side. Was just a  bell ringer, all parts functioned as was except my upper right chest returned to its hurting signals. I resisted the urge to wrestle with technical moves. The new path bypassed a bunch of the tech sections of last frontier. I rode western civ to cockscomb to rupp and found fuj down to girdner and the several crossings of Dry Creek. I was able to find dry feet crossings.

A shower at snap and a salad bar from whole foods set me up for a night of Banff film festival films. Wonderful experiences captured in quality film. Visited with Mike at the Worm, a bookstore and Uhaul rental place that used to be down here at VOC now located at base of airport way. I asked permission to sleep in his parking lot. I spent the night there after the festival. Worked out well. I buy books from Mike and fill my water tank. He is a metalurgist and informed person which makes for great conversations.

Thurs was laundry day done early morning. The Zags played at 11AM. Olde Sedona in west sedona would be open to watch the game. 11 AM is too early to start drinking beer. I chose to drive back down to PJs where I felt I could watch the game w/o beer consumption. I sat at the bar and the drug pusher enticed me to a brew then a second half one. The Zags won and I headed back out to beaverhead to score a camp spot and sit in the sun reading a book. No riding today which allowed body injury recovery and no exposure to further damage caused by a bike mishap. I sat in my Strongback chair and read. i timed my sun exposure, I turned a slight pink color. Comfortable evening, no heat required.

I am experiencing what must be allergies which plug my nose and make breathing more difficult. Never experienced this affect.

Parked here behind Sheriff’s office. Today I conversed with the in charge deputy about the parking situation. He said because the parking lot guy told me I was  trespassing  and if he saw me in the lot again he would have me arrested. It was a warning. Should I be in the lot again and an officer was present I could be sited for trespassing. i will stay out of the lot until PJ’s legal challenge is complete.

Debating with myself to ride or just hang out. temp is in lower 70s with cloud cover. Could ride.

Zags tomorrow against Northwest.

This morning I set up my table, chair, and traffic cones at my camp spot signalling it is occupied. May my spot be empty for me tonight and my stuff still be there.


Temperature is rising and snow is melting up high flowing downstream. 81 degrees yesterday. Sweaty ride around Hogs.

I’m trailhead parking .5 miles downhill from the Bell Rock Plaza where the parking lot guy has kicked me out. PJ filed suit against the parking lot management company to rein in the guy who is harassing me and other what appear to be mountain bikers. The pedal uphill warms me up.

My bike shifting was not happy in that it would not drop the chain down to the next smaller gear. I observed that the shift cable housing was not long enough to allow the handle bar to turn to its limit. I pushed my bike into the Bean before my ride yesterday. Scott replaced the cable etc making shifting happy again. Dunno which shop installed the housing.

Riding here is hard, there are no killer hills to pedal up, just continual short ups and downs with a lot of activity going on under my wheels. My breathing lessens the riding enjoyment. I push myself beyond what my body can support which leaves me short of breath. I haven’t figured out how to pedal within my respiratory system. I rode Llama, Little Horse to Chicken Point then Broken Arrow which in places is now armored preventing ruts, to Hogs to Twin Buttes down to Hog Wash to Peccary dumping on to Mystic, coasting pavement thru the neighborhood to Bell Rock working to Single Track Bypass finishing on Jump trail back to parking lot. 15.2 miles climbing 1555″ Jimmy says Sedona riding averages 100′ elevation for every horizontal mile.

My plan yesterday was to drive up to west Sedona in late afternoon, buy a piece of salmon for dinner at Whole Foods, and a shower then drive out to a place on 525 rd to spend today resting. Yesterday while at Tony’s Chevron I heard that traffic was back up to Back of Beyond which is the 1st rotary south of Sedona. Way tooooo long a back up. I filled my solar shower. I drove back to spot off Beaverhead parking in full sun. I laid the solar bag on the hood of the van. I waited just under 2 hours before the water temp warmed up enough. I emptied the bag into the pressure bag. 1 1/2 gallons of hot water sprayed on my sweaty body left me satisfied. Full moon lit up the night. i kept the side door open till almost bed time.

Sunday was Jimmy’s invitation old mans ride. 9 local riders. We pedaled up Old mans wash a ways then picked up a trail that kept us below Rabbit ridge climb. Lots of basalt chunder. The ride became Hot Loop which is even nastier loose rock. I again was so far back I did not see riders making the moves. Hot Loop brought us close to Dry beaver creek for a rest break.

Dry Beaver creek

Full on roaring maelstrom. In time the creek will be dry as its name. we did not have to cross.

Sat I chose the full on Old mans wash ride but passed on the waterfall descent sticking to an established trail which was just loose chunder and below grade. I finally rode a corner and climbed one nasty loose uphill. I will tell again that the Minnion DHF 2.5WT tires really hook up.

rabbit ears on rabbit ridge

I bought a ticket for Wed night Banff film. Thursday at 11:00 the Zags play their first game in the big dance. They did get a number 1 seed for the West division.

High temps here. Flag is cooler but under snow. The Valley is too warm to go south.

Today is a rest day after riding 5 days in a row. I have 459 miles on my chain which I should have changed out about 200 miles ago. May the cluster accept its new mate.

I switched from  my cold weather hat to summer weight palm sun hat. shorts are still in the  drawer. Not ready to blind the world with my chalky white legs. I am getting a biker tan.