Indica or sativa?

I had always been of the belief the best buzz was leaving me firmly anchored to whatever I was sitting in.  A friend told me about the benefits of sativa: being buzzed but not planted. Beings how I am in Oregon and a dispensary is close by. I bought sativa then inhaled away on my vaporizer. Strange being buzzed but still able and willing to be off the posterior. So that part works. Today at the Oakridge dispensary I bought a hybrid that is to be just about 50/50 so the buzz would be well, buzzed and active but able or planted. Hard to believe that being both active and planted happens. Well, today has been long, I no longer remember what my mix was thru the day. Must be sativa for me to peck out this blog.

So, yes I am back in Oakridge, OR home of GOATS of which I am a member. The Merch and the Brewers Union is all I need to know about Oakridge.  The Merch is the bike ship and the Union is a replica of an English pub, all beers are hand pulled. Great place to hang after riding.

At Bend the forecast for last Fri was high probability of rain which would made hero dirt. Rain didn’t happen. Sat I decided to drive to Oakridge well ahead of the Middle Fork work project which is my reason to be here on that date. About a 100 mile drive going over to the wet side of the Cascades. Arriving here the effect of water is apparent with the density of green plant life. Checked in at the Merch, Richard, young Jack.

Nature’s recreation limiter:

Poison oak

Plan was to ride Larison Rock right above town. I drove to Greenwaters park on east end of town right on the river. The ride is a big hump: 2169’ climb on pavement taking 1 hr16 mins of nonstop pedaling for 6.3 miles. The descent took 20 mins lasting only 3 miles. Deep shade under the conifers with occasional patches of bright sunshine.

Larison rock trail tree cover

Then patches of slippery mud were not visible in the changing light. Slippery with maybe a root mixture. Trouble is happening when the front wheel and rear wheel pick different lines. The climb worked me. A wet wash cloth wipe down in the parking lot spruced me up for Sat night at the Pub. Quiet night. I drove back up Larison Rock road to a mowed flat spur road. Lots of mosquitoes and warm enough for the screens. The side door screen leaves gaps that mosquitoes used to her advantage seeking blood to lay clutches of eggs. My head was exposed while sleeping. At wake up time in the light I saw numerous bulging mosquitoes that when squished splotched blood.

Sunday I chose Randy’s shuttle service for a ride up to Kate’s cutin on Alpine at 11:45. $30 eliminated the long endless climb up the gravel logging road. I envisioned my ride to be the ATCA which is 24 miles climbing 3539 and sweet 6782’ down. I change my plan to just ride Alpine and save the TCA for another ride. Alpine still rocks, Oakridge’s crown trail.  The shuttle drop off point now that the snow has melted out is Kate’s cutin a short access trail to Alpine. Derick and I built this piece of trail right before a Cream Puff race. Again deep shade hiding infrequent mud suckers making for 12.75 miles climbing 1138 but dropping 4390. The finish is at the Red Bridge, parking was a short distance at City Hall. The solar shower heated the water. Took a parking lot shower.

cut blocks
travel use on Alpine

Sat night at the Pub. Oh Catrina.

Last night I parked off Salmon Creek rd. Today is a rest day. Olivia at The Merch fixed my hesitant shifting. I replaced the chain. I hung around a bit then left to drive way up Dead mtn to a spot in the sun which would keep  mosquitoes at bay in spite of sweating. Sun has gone down and the critters are back and feeding.

No internet here.

Riding here is either up or down. The ups are covered by 2 shuttle services should a rider wish to checkbook ride. I did.

I am riding under deep tree cover. Bend is open Ponderosa pine. Oakridge is all about wet green and lots of it.


Back at Bend. Rolled in last night, drove straight to 10 Barrel for dinner and a lip lock on a pint of Sinister. Walked in to the crowd making my way to the bar. An empty seat right beside another regular, Dan. Greetings. The Mariners were on one of the screens that attracted my attention. I watched for awhile till Dan said he didn’t want to spoil it for me but it is a replay. Darn. left while still light to snap for a shower. The sedona card works here. washed off grime from Don’s birthday ride the day before. Then drove out to camp spot off rd 41 where I stayed last year.

Wed afternoon I drove out to Croy trailhead for the 5:30 ride start. Riders poured in. Once started mark called out 20 riders in the group. I only saw them when they took breaks. They all climbed together talking and laughing while I struggled as always so far off the back. I never rode with them when I was younger so I can’t definitively say I would have been in the thick of it. Steve is several years younger than me. Our abilities are pretty close. I feel better when i ride with older riders. We added Punchline into the usual Boullion connector, 2 dog, bulldog loop. It’s a flow trail with big berms and a few tabletops. The entrance was over some nasty rock outcroppings. One had a gap on the blind exit that grabbed my wide pedals as I walked. Finished back at the TH then adjourned to Power House and more beer. wished Don a good day.

Hailey has an RV facility right off the main drag and right under the runway take off or landing depending upon the wind direction. Can stay for 12 hours max. I take on water from the spigot. I decided that I would spend the night there instead of driving back into the forest. Quiet night with no airplane noise.

Drove into town to do laundry. Clean clothes folded and stored and the wet line dry stuff hung with care. I put into drive and headed towards Bend. The first part was 2 lane highway. Near Mountain Home I noticed small dark colored objects on the road. Hmm, thought was red cinder gravel. No, some moved. This requires investigation. I pulled off the road. I’m wondering if these are Mormon crickets. Could be. I did not key them out to learn if so. What I saw was a back slope of a road cut swarming with these like Katydids. They were headed across the road and whatever on the downhill side of the road. The crossing success rate was rather small. Amazing quantity of them. I did not see any eating a fallen brother as they are know to do. What caused them to move? Wonder if their squashed dead ever made the road slippery like I saw one time in Nevada where a reader board displayed Slippery Road Ahead in July: Squashed crickets.

Saw sierra trading post store off the interstate. I drove in. I was looking for a down quilt and flannel sheets. I was told they dropped the housewares. Hmm, how about golf shorts? No. How about board shorts? Yes. Scored a pair of surf shorts for riding.

The store is at a major 4 lane intersection. As I approached the interstate ramp I spied a badger heading to the road. I laid on my horn and it turned around. A badger almost in town.

Monster headwind across Oregon sage desert. Lots of wiggling. I was always between my lane lines while I made good use of all that road surface.

On Pacific daylight savings time. Back in trees first since when I left Arkansas.

Forecast for last night and this morn called for rain. Rain would bind the loose dirt making for hero dirt. I elected to stay and ride today if rain fell. Well none fell. I decided to stay and ride anyway. I drove up to a pullout near where Storm King crossed the road. From there a short connector joined the trail. Then taking Funner all the way to a snow park. Picked up Tiddlywinks to Kiwa  to Tylers Traverse flow trail to Larsens to Storm King back. The 2.5 tires really enjoy this dirt. Larsens was dusty but I rode by myself. I walked the same things as last year as they are unimaginatively insurmountable. I walk well before that degree of difficulty. I pedaled almost non stop for 2 hrs 13 mins going 16.52 miles climbing 1765. almost the norm of 100′ vert per linear mile. Noticed most of the handfull of riders I passed practiced good trail love.

Drove into town for a shower and groceries and dispensary. As I drove I made a plan to drive down to my property for dinner and sleep then drive to Oakridge tomorrow. Treated myself to more salmon, good asparagus, and sweet potato for a steamed dinner on my own land. Did business at another dispensary purchasing some sativa to learn what up and at ’em pot is like.

My property is 30 miles from west end of town. heavy traffic each way on US 97. I walked the fence line of my 1 acre reading how the land survived the winter. All is good. Fixed salmon dinner, mmm very satisfying. Mosquitoes.

Slow internet connection so no pics.

Tomorrow is Oakridge. I learned that Alpine is open at Kate’s cutin.

Low clouds obscured the snow capped dormant volcanoes.

Rain and nasty then good stuff

Rain started Sunday as Steve and I finished our ride. Sunday I slept out off Trail Creek road. Chilly night needing furnace. Monday morning rain commenced in earnest and continued thru the day. I made the day a rest day.  I drove back down to Hailey. The forecast called for rain not to fall but nature still emptied the skies gently.

Mon night I hung at Powerhouse visiting. Mark invited me for a birthday bash ride on Wed celebrating Don’s birthday. I decided to stay here another day to join in the crazy. Don was a member of the Hugh Ass race team. After work ride out at Croy.

Tuesday my INR test strips were to arrive at Hailey Post Office. And they were there. I performed the test that reported that my INR is within range of 3.0 to 4.0 value. Extra dosage is required as my body still produced clots at the 2.0 range. Only consequence is longer bleed time.

I hung at Chip’s watching the clouds clear and temp warm up. I wanted to ride Croy but had concern of riding wet trails. Chip said the trails would be fine. I heeded his word and drove out to Croy TH. There were several rigs in the lot. Deal was the rain would turn the dirt into hero dirt. I pedaled pedaled out solo not having Steve as my rabbit. Strong head wind climbing the Boullion Connector trail. Sum bitch needed a wheel to suck. Tread was dry but because the dirt is like decomposed granite with no organic the water did not create hero dirt. The rain did eliminate the dust which did not benefit me as a solo rider. Croy is on BLM land and the trails are all machine built and smooth. Rides uphill OK and the downhills are speedy. Lupine blooming.

Looking North

Drove back into town to report ride to Chip. I showered at a local health club. Chip suggested Sawtooth tap room for beer which I followed. Mariners game was on TV that sucked me in for several innings. I drove back out Croy passed the TH then turned up Boullion Gulch road a 1 1/2 lane dirt road. I parked where 2 Dog trail takes off hoping to visit with riders passing. Nary a rider.

Last night the furnace ran and I snuggled under the doubled up comforter. I watched the sun shine on the hillside above me then down to me. It was 31 degrees at 7:30. I checked views outside seeing a large brown object further up the hill. I put the binocs on it to learn it was a solitary elf with no antlers. It grazed then disappeared.

I drove back to town. I actually washed the van at the local car wash. The raccoon slide marks are gone.

Forecast calls for warmer temps.

Plan is to stay here today and birthday party today. Tomorrow is wash day in Hailey then I will head to Oakridge, OR.

Somewhere on my site is a link to BikeJames web site that with some clicking you can find his Flat Pedal Manifesto article which convinced me to switch to flats then step up and buy his pedals. I am hooked on his work and pedals. I am having lots more fun with flats as I have a more powerful pedal stroke and if I need to separate myself from my bike this happens just by lifting a foot off the pedal, no twisting first.